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A/C issue
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Well maybe not an A/C issue, more of a fuse issue. As you may know ive only owned my Barth about 4 weeks and have been updating the interior. While installing the flooring today, I had both A/Cs running. Then ran for about an hour and then both shut down. I believe I may have blown a fuse. I reset all the breakers which were not question is where the heck is the fuse box?
In the closet where the breaker box is, there is a thin long board with buttons on it and it says "push buttons to reset" (I pushed all of them with no luck) Is there a traditional fuse box that I can check to see if I blew a fuse? or do any of you have another suggestion?
1989 Barth Regal.
Thank you in advance.
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Have you checked the power at the breakers with a meter to confirm power at the breakers ?

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I have not, but I will in the morning.
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What is your source of power? I would check the house breakers first.

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I don't know where the A/C breakers are in your Barth but I can say that all those push button breakers are all 12VDC breakers.
From your comments, both A/C units quit at the same time?? Then Danny's suggestion would or should be the first starting point. If you are running the entire Barth off of a single 120 VAC source, that will over load any power cord unless it is a 50 amp power Large cord service. That would be typically a 240 volt 4 pin plug.

That service is two 120 VAC lines each line is out of phase (180 degrees) with the other. Measuring from neutral to each hot line will read 120VAC, however measuring across one hot line to the other hot line would read 240VAC. Most coaches run only one A/C from each line on a 50 amp service, However if you are using the 30 amp service plug and a single extension cord all AC appliances are now tied together and easily overload a single 120VAC service breaker from shore power source.

Also hooking up to a 30 amp shore power source may indeed run two A/C units for awhile BUT if by chance both A/C units tried to start the compressor at the same time, that surge power would certainly be enough to blow a shore power source breaker.

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If you have wall mounted thermostats, and you should, The roof A/C’s run on 110 volts but are controlled by 12 volts. Behind the ceiling assembly are both power wires. Drop them and probe the connections or wire nuts for the appropriate power. The AC is supplied by a typical Romex wire and the 12volt is supplied by a pair of 10 or 12 AWG wires, green is always negative and the positive will be different at each unit. For both units to shut down simultaneously you lost eithe power source immediately. The 12 volts are fused individually, in our 94 Sovereign button circuit breakers are used like Winnebago has used for decades. Good luck

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Mystery solved. The house breaker tripped. Thank you again. Now to tackle the brake issue. Pedal goes to the floor and I have about 10% brakes. I will be pulling the Master Cylinder soon and replacing. Im sure I will be asking for more direction soon.
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