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Chassis (Starter) battery
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Picture of Doug.A
I have a 1989 Regal 22. It had a new chassis battery and two new house batteries (the latter deep cycle) a while ago (2 years) but sat and the chassis battery completely discharged, despite the disconnect being used, as the trickle charger was unplugged by the storage yard (!!!) The vehicle now fails to start, a jump start also achieves nothing. I am assuming I have lost a cell or some such in the chassis battery? If I try and jump start it the line leading to the starter gets very hot... The starter and solenoid were replaced at the same date as the battery and the vehicle has been driven less than 18 miles since this was done...

If I need a new battery, what should I buy? I took down what details I could from the one installed, but this meant nothing to either Autozone nor Les Schwab.... Any suggestions please?
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Have had similar problems, the hot starter line tells me the starter is not working or the line is shorted, that is where to start. Even a new or rebuilt starter might freeze up over time if not used.

Try to charge the chassis battery, or if your charger has it go to the battery repair mode. If no go, replace the battery. Charge the house batteries they should be ok, however if they won't charge, replace. Good luck!!

Measure the battery in three direction, sketch out the terminal layout and label. I buy the highest cranking amps for that size battery, the store will probably give you a trade in on the old one, so you can just take it and let them match it for you.

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I am wondering about the integrity of the ground connections, between the engine and the frame. I had a problem with starting mine, of a similar vintage, and installed new ground cables for the battery and a new cable between the engine and the frame. The mounting point on the back of the engine was generating sparks when trying to start.

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