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Fuel injection for the 78.
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I have decided to go ahead with installing FI and getting rid of that troublemaking Quad. I have an excellent wrench that will be doing the work but I have a few stupid questions that you guys might be able to help me out with. I assume I will be using throttle body as a direct replacement using my present Edelbrock manifold. I have Thorley headers on it that have the 1/4NPT plugs. Do those holes come into play for sensors or something? The kits that I've been looking at have the new fuel pump and regulator included. Will an inline pump be OK or will I have to drop the tank for an internal? I only use one tank. Any recommendations for an old 454 conversion kit are welcome, since I haven't picked one out yet.

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good luck Danny. You will be happy with the result. As you know, I installed TBI on my Regal. It was a kit from Affordable Fuel Injection. It was ten years ago, so I am not sure what other choices are currently available. Some of the newer systems allow you to program them yourself, mine had to have a chip from the supplier. Holley sells kits that are pretty flexible.

You should be able to use an inline pump but you will need a return line for fuel back to the tank. The early throttle body units ran about 11-13 psi to the TBI with a regulator and return line. You will also need an exhaust bung for an oxygen sensor. I had one welded in about a foot behind the Thorley headers.

The engine ran better at all temperatures and loads. Better mileage too. Thumbs Up

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Been considering that change for ole 71 and do believe that is the way to go!
The Holley Stealth system is really my choice. One can buy the whole system including the 0/2 sensor, inline fuel pump and rubber lines. Personally, I would change those to steel lines. If your unit is like 71 there is no return fuel line and you will need to install one for this system. Holley has a special unit that will directly replace your old Rochester other wise you need an adaptor.

Fitech is another system and it has a high pressure storage tank that I think is a good accessory that can be added to either system.

Both systems retail for around $1500 complete one can buy just partial systems also.

Just my thoughts! Good luck Danny!

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