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Update your Barth interior???
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Would you update your old Barth...
to be like the interior of this 2024 concept??



The 82 MCC {by Barth}
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it is a Motor Coach!!

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Hello Doug & other members,
To address your hypothetical question, I for one would absolutely never "upgrade" our '93 Breakaway to resemble the interior of this concept 2024 design. Many books & publications have been written & lessons taught by learned professionals addressing contrast(value), color(hue), axis(direction), texture, emotional effect of color, & overall graphic essence. In my opinion, Barth overall did a very job balancing all of the elements listed above. Not to say, slight improvements can't be made, but this example shown would be like replacing a classic Gainsborough landscape painting with a modern Andy Warhol.

Good Luck One & All,

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No way!

Why would anyone want to remove the high quality oak or walnut woodwork and replace with ugly white laminate and stainless appliances? Looks like something from Ikea.. commercial food truck...

If I wanted something like that I could buy a newer coach with lower quality junk construction, rather than spend time and money to degrade something better... Thumbs Down

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white laminate and stainless appliances?

I am guessing it meets the requirements of the guys that tow the trailer with dirt bikes or the "mudder jeep". They need it to clean quickly after a weekend of recreation.

It's different than having an ambiance of home, or of a home away from home.

They have the right answer, but for a different question.

happy motoring!

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