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Spare parts suggestions?
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My wife and I are planning a year long trip on the road. We have lived in a motor coach for the last 14 years, but in a diesel coach, now we live in a 1991 22ft Barth. I'm asking this question because we were in CAN last year and spent a week at a Chevrolet dealer, and everything we needed they had to get from somewhere else in CAN like carburetor, parts,wires, water pump etc. We are going again and finish what we didn't last year. We will only be there for about 3 weeks.(FYI if you are on Medicare and step over the country border your insurance stops.) Having 10 cardiac stents I will not be dallying in CAN. Then we will stay in the states, midwest, north west and then south to AZ and NM where the local parts store should have parts for the Chevy 454. I have spare belts and will get a fuel filter. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I carry a lot of spares… confusion

It depends on your skills, tools and what you are willing to tackle in the parking lot or the side of the road.

I have had good luck finding GM parts most places I have been. (besides, you can get them quickly from the web if needed.) There might be 1 day delay but usually not more.

So… it boils down to how much you can do with parts (assuming you have them) and how much time you are willing to spend to get them while on the road.

Since I can do almost anything with the right parts, and I don't usually have a toad, I tend to be a parts packrat.

Besides the usual stuff, belts, hoses, plugs, cap, coil, wires I have a starter, an alternator, fuel filters, fuel pump, fuel tank selector valve. Spare u-joints, spare front wheel bearings: TPS, MAP, O2 sensors as well. Diagnostic computer and cable. Muffler hangars and clamps. Exhaust manifold gaskets.

I have coils of 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 water hoses. Also 5/16 and 3/8 fuel line. Also trans cooler and oil cooler hose. Numerous clamps, lots of wire, fuses, switches, bulbs, relays. Gallons of motor oil, ATF, antifreeze, also power steering fluid, brake fluid, rear axle grease. Wheel bearing grease, grease gun.

So far, nothing has stopped me for long… mechanic

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Good luck on your travels... The key to effective preparedness has to do with bringing items that are lightweight, somewhat difficult to find "on the road", and have a known probability of failure.

Do what the other guys advise. Also, go for an HEI module, fuel filters, belts, hoses, maybe a carb rebuild kit, wires, plugs, fuel pump... If you are unable to do the work, lots of mechanics can, as long as they have the parts.

Water pumps, alternators, carbs add weight. Maybe that is a concern, or have them packed and ready to ship and left with a friend.

On my big trip in 2009, I saw a guy with a huge diesel pusher RV with a giant CAT engine, and somewhere in Utah, he had to fly a mechanic to the site of his breakdown (or so he told me)..
Happy Motoring!

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Think about replacing the fuel sender unit and the in tank pump and the rubber hoses at the gas tank area before you go on a long trip.

Sender Unit: Spectra FG12X, that part number is burned in my memory....

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Is that sending unit part number pretty well fit all Barths on 454 Regal chassis?
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