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Farewell to "Champ"
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For all who met "Champ" at the Fl. GTG's , Barb and I had to say good bye to him Monday afternoon 05-11-15.

His hips and front ankles were giving up and yet the rest of him was OK and he was very alert.
These last four to five weeks we had him on three pain meds. and while they blocked the pain it was not fair to him. It was to the point we had to help him up in the morning to get his legs going.
Not good quality of life for a active Standard.
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I'm sorry for your loss. I had to put down my "snuggle buddy" cat, Norman, of 16 years, three weeks ago for a benign lesion that evolved into cancer...

Although it's the right thing to do, it's never easy.


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Sorry to hear that Jim and Barb. We have fond memories of Champ.

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Sorry for your loss Jim & Barb, I feel your pain.
Some may say it is silly when people grieve over the loss of a treasured pet but those of us that have been there know. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the one who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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So sorry for your loss Oh I hope I don't have to do that with my Chewy.When I hear this I know I would not let him suffer. My thoughts are with you.

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I, too, feel your grief.... as our buddy, Thumper, died peacefully at home in her nineteenth year on Oct 28. She traveled with us throughout eastern Canada and USA and twice into Mexico (and where she peed on the Tropic of Cancer monument near Zacatreces Mexico Smiler).


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We are are so sorry for your loss.Pets are our love of life and when they are not able to have a quality of life we have to say goodbye.Breaks our hearts but we know they are in Dogie Haven having a blast............................Betty and Carl

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Sorry to hear about Thumper. Our furry friends mean so much to us.

Two weeks ago Barb & I got another "puppy", we got him from a rescue site.

He is a standard white poodle, two years old, 70 lbs. and is 27 inches at the shoulder. His name is

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