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TV question
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I'm confused. I bought a 15" 12v TV at the thrift store today. It has the 110 converter, so I plugged it in to power. Nothing but blue screen. Brought it inside and hooked up to cable. After switching to cable input it worked fine. Took it back out to the coach and switched back to air and hooked up the digital converter box. Works fine, but I can't get any vhf stations, no biggie. My question is I always thought flat screen thin screen TV's were digital, but apparently not this one. Brand name is Konka. I'll probably keep it anyway for 30 bucks but I didn't really gain anything if I still have to use the converter box. Also, where can I get a lighter socket cord?

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You can get the cigarette lighter adaptor and the needed plug at Radio Shack. The plugs are a bit fiddly to solder because they're so small.


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Originally posted by Danny Z:
I'm confused. My question is I always thought flat screen thin screen TV's were digital, but apparently not this one. Brand name is Konka.
Nope, as you have figured out, they are not all digital. many of the early panel TV's were analog. We have an analog SHARP 15" in the Kitchen. I do think most of the ones that are analog are also the 4by3 format, whereas the digital units are usually the wide screen models.

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Look for TV's with the ATSC tuner

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