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General update
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Been a busy summer and will still continue until the end of October, sure missed the last GTG.

Just rolled up 239K miles on the way back from a Mojave event. One more event to work in Texas at the end of October and I will be done for the season. I should finish this year with about 245K miles logged.

By the time I have owned this Breakaway for 10 years this coming January, I will have personally logged about 170K miles. The coach had 75K miles on it when I got it

Furthest North, Arctic Circle Alaska
Furthest East, Maine,
Furthest South, The Keys, Florida
Furthest West, Denali Nat'l Park Alaska

Estimated fuel used, 17K gallons.
Engine Oil changes, 18 times
Transmission oil changes, 3 times (synthetic)
Rear end oil changes 2 times
Wheel bearings and seals change, twice, once when I first got the coach and again in March 2015
Engine head gasket changed, coolant leak.
On the third engine water pump
Engine rear main seal replaced.
Drive shaft replaced
Alternator replaced 200 amp, three stage regulator.
3KW inverter changer
Revised instrument panel
All running lights (not headlights yet) replaced with LED
Interior lighting mostly changed to LED
Change to Fantastic fan for bathroom area
Added 1 1/2 inch spacers to rear spring perches.
Re-wired to eliminate connectors on the wiring harnesses that had corroded and failed
Removed and re-wired all AC "quick connectors" The air conditioners stopped working because these connectors overheated and failed. Others were in bad shape.
LP generator hours 2100
Windshield replacement 3 times, twice because of rock hits, once because of tree hit.

House batteries change, twice, 2nd time added 2 more golf cart batteries for a total of 6
Chassis batteries (2) change, once.
Furnace failure soon after getting the coach, changed to two stage furnace.

On second set of brake calipers, pads and rotors.
On third set of tires. 225R19.5 would still be on second set but alignment shop got toe wrong and caused outside edges to wear, Bridgestones don't like that, tread separation started. Michelins had major balancing issues, 2-16 oz change in 2 years

19 inch LCD TV in bedroom
32 inch LCD TV up front
Alpine audio receiver player

Lots of work/changes/upgrades over the last 10 years and still have a long list of "to-do". We do use the coach a lot and it is well used but well cared for. My racing activity is starting to wind down so I don't expect to put as many miles on in the next 10 years but for sure it will not sit and gather dust.

Hope to see y'all in the near future at a GTG

94 30' Breakaway #3864
30-BS-6B side entry
230 Cummins, Allison 6 speed
Spartan chassis
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Your coach has led an interesting life since you got it and it has served you well.


Don't mess with us old folks, we don't get old by being stupid!
1968 Barth trailer, 1975 Barth Motorhome and 1985 Barth Motorhome

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Good morning, Ed;

This is the third attempt to reply to your message. The system does not like my using the ASCII character for the "degree symbol." It wipes out the message that was being written.

Nice to hear that your Barth is providing yeoman service for you. That is an impressive accumulation of miles. The listing of the maintenance log entries is also of interest. I am wondering about the three replacements for the water pump.

Then there is the point about the 17,000 gallons of fuel consumed. That comes out to right at about 10 MPG. Also an impressive achievement.

Enjoy the rest over the Winter after the last event at the end of the month of October.

For me, this Summer was not as enjoyable. However, it was great for improving the reliability of the Chevy 454 cid V8 gas engine in the GMC P37 chassis of the "non-Barth" vehicle. Back in June, it did not like the 108 degree F. (42 degree C.) weather it was driving through in Eastern Washington. A new radiator, a new engine, and an impressive external automatic transmission fluid cooler addition to the system, seems to have resulted in a much cooler engine and transmission operating temperature. And getting all the accumulated wheat chaff, straw, small leaves, seeds, and other similar stuff off the front of the radiator core where it had been hidden behind the air conditioner condenser, really did make a difference. That poor thing could hardly breathe. No wonder it had always seemed to run "warm." Now it runs much cooler.

It finally made it back home last Friday, 2015 September 25, with about 200 miles on the new engine, and the temperature made it up to just over 200 degrees F. climbing up to Snoqualmie Pass in the 60 degree F. ambient temperature outside, and the new external and large ATF cooler hardly got warm. Yes, I am going through the break-in procedure all over again.

This is still a nice motor home and I continue to enjoy using it, and now it should be even more reliable and very much like a new vehicle again in that way. There are a few more changes and additions to make it more efficient in its operation that are still underway. Yes, they were slowed down by the unexpected replacement of the engine, but they should be done when the main RV season picks up again here.


Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
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