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Router Malware
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Hey Rusty,
Looking for expert advice about a VPNfilter malware. The article says it comes in 3 stages.

"The malware comes in three stages. Stage one is the one that sinks its teeth into your router and lays the foundation for the funny business. Stage two, which stage one goes and downloads, is the actual meat of the problem. This is the software engine that can actually start messing around and slurping up your data, including things like browser history, usernames, and passwords. Stage three is the icing on the cake, and comes in various forms that modify the capabilities of the main hacking engine, stage two.
Rebooting your router, as the FBI recommends, only removes stages two and three, leaving stage one to call out to its masters and redownload its business end. This isn't oversight on the FBI's part, but rather the actual point. As the FBI's statement notes (emphasis ours): 
By rebooting our routers in mass, we are both forcing the infected ones to identify themselves by calling to their masters for a redownload of stage one and two, but also lighting up the distribution network, which will have to work overdrive to deliver all these packages at once. Now that's all well and good-especially if the FBI can solve the problem at its root-but in the meantime your router might still be infected and there is, as of now, no good way to check.
Factory settings
If you want to disinfect your router completely, you'll have to do a full factory reset. First though, search for and save any instructions you may need to get it connected again so you have them on hand."

Would you recommend the above procedure?

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VPNfilter malware

READ THIS- https://www.bleepingcomputer.c...-why-its-not-enough/


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