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Barths RV Rating
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Barth owners share their feedback....


The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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If they had asked for support from instead of dealer and manufacture Barth would have scored the max 75 score.

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Good point Doorman! Although we are here, is not a dealer either. Dealer support does not apply to Barth and has not in 20 years or so.
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There was just something about our '85 Regal. It was like owning a '55 Caddilac Coupe De Ville. Rock solid. Classic. A head turner. Yes, if you have one of these old classics, you're going to have to do some restoration. After all, Old Blue is 32 years old. But you have something good to begin with. Would I take Old Blue Back? Yeah if I had the money to redo all the storage compartments

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Jim, I can relate to that. Everywhere we went with the 86 we had people who walked by, stopped and complimented the classic coach. The 98 looks so much more modern it doesn't hardly get a second glance.

The 86 is easier to drive. 8 inches less wide, 4 feet shorter, a foot lower and more ground clearance to boot. Also, due to the stiffer suspension and tag axle it has less roll in crosswinds. Two fingers on the wheel it tracks straight even when semis pass or in crosswinds.

It will be down for a while to repair wheel wells, steel frames behind the skirts and basement compartment floors, then some new paint. Ironically, it has never run better than it does now that it is in semi-retirement. With inside storage now it will not depreciate more. When it is finished in a year or so it will be a true classic. Not sure what I will do with it then. It doesn't cost anything to keep and I'll never get my money out of it (not even close!)

Maybe in a few years we will be done with our long travels and want to downsize. If not we'll see if we can get a bidding war going here for the "classic." (yeah, right) ROTFLMAO

Meanwhile the 98 is a great cruising coach. We are having a ball with it already. With fuel prices as they are, the 8mpg 86 and the 10 mpg 98 have about the same cost per mile, with the 98 being more spacious, better ride and pulling the toad.

As for support, this site has no equivalent. I often get hits for Barthmobile when I Google RV topics, more than any other brands' sites.

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