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Thanks for the welcome from all, I'll let you know when I'm REALLY a Barth owner, week from tommorrow. Well next monday from this computer at work probably. I definitely will get some tow insurance, but I know I won't need it (knocking th sap outta many wood objects here). This site is awesome, I know I'm gonna have some questions once I get my coach, I can see this resource is invaluable. Dave, we came to terms Monday, so I'd say your prediction was accurate. Sorry again if I offend Larry and Heidi, Kevin (pre-mud)
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To everyone, I looked at my tow insurance and could get it cheaper, but decided to go with GS for my road service contract. I chose to do this for one reason, they have a nation wide network to locate roadside service and towing. If I was only going to need help around where I live, I would have purchased the rider on my insurance, but that is not how it will be with an RV. For the most part we will be in areas where we have no familiarity or connections. To me the network is what makes it worthwhile. I know that no company is going to cover everything and there is always small print.

When I bought my Barth at the end of July, I had an air line blow out on the way from Naples, FL to my home in Massachusetts. I was about 30 miles outside Tampa on I75. I lost air pressure so quickly that by the time I got safely off the highway I couldn't shift into neutral or even shut off the engine. Luckily I had read the Cummins engine manual and remembered how to access the emergency shut off in the engine compartment. I was able to shut off the engine, but was stuck in gear. This prevented any option of towing and made getting help a problem. I called GS and they went to work. It took 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon and I had to tell them several times that I needed on site service and could not be towed. When the mechanic showed up, he would not accept the GS purchase order so I paid the whole bill. GS told me to submit it to them and they would pay it - they did pay me $87.00 for the service call. I was responsible for the remaining $240.00. The cost of the repair part was $3.50 for an air line fitting and the rest in three hours minimum labor plus mileage. I now have spare fittings in the Barth. All this leads to my point; where I broke down was in an area that I was unfamiliar with and did not know who to call or what shops would even be open, but GS did. The rest of my trip was uneventful and enjoyable. Bill
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