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RV from garbage truck
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Anyone ready to try this???

Now that's a lot of motorhome.
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I NEED that scooter bay Tooling Along
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Good morning;

Interesting. Sort of.

To use the term "boat" in connection with this vehicle is a real stretch. Being able to drive through water up to two feet deep does not make it a "boat." If the fellow who had built it had been a pilot, would they have said that it could fly? But I must also admit that at the very end the commentator did say that it was built for expeditions on "dry land." Again, that was at the very end.

The commentator said that the 2100 Watt solar panel system runs the "lights, heat, A/C, and batteries," and other things in that 38 foot long conversion motor home. That will be a real challenge, but it could be possible, with a large 120 VAC inverter running off a very big battery system charged by the solar panels, but starting the compressor in the air conditioner still will be a trial. While there may be enough solar power in direct sunlight to carry the nominal 1650 Watts to run one air conditioner through the inverter, it will be close after allowing for the conversion efficiency of the solar panel charge controller and the inverter. Then there is the point that my 32 foot 4 inch overall length motor home RV has two (2) of those air conditioners to try cooling it in the Summer. I did not see any recognizable A/C units on the roof for it. Where are they? Is that square box above the driver's cab the air conditioner condenser? Does it cool the cab or the motor home?

Then there is the point about the diesel fired "fireplace" in the back. Is that the heater?

That thing cannot really claim to be fully solar powered for everything other than the diesel engine for moving it.

The claim that it gets 8 MPG with that 34,000 pound vehicle weight and a tandem dual axle drive system is a real surprise. That was what I was getting with my standard 15,000 pound motor home RV before my modifications.

While it certainly is an interesting conversion with many unusual features, there is also an awful lot of "hype" and embellishment in that presentation. At the very least, they left out an awful lot of information on what they did to get the reported performance up to the description they offered.


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