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Has anyone any experience with this new gizmo?
From what I understand (not much) you subscribe to it and with a special TV you can watch it anywhere. Confused

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I saw a buddy yesterday that sells and installs high-end audio-visual in cars and he just became a dealer for Flo. It uses cell phone towers to transmit signals. It can be used with any TV or you can get a little one from them for airport use etc. Right now they have about 15 channels but plan to keep adding more. It's about 10 bucks a month, about what premium cable was when it first came out. Wink I plan to stop by his shop and take a closer look and I'll tell you more when I do.

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from ther site

Can I connect my FLO TV™ Personal Television to another screen, such as a TV or computer?
No. The FLO TV Personal Television does not have a video output connection. In addition, the size and format of the video is compressed specifically for the FLO TV Personal Television.

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I watched a little FLO-TV on my parents cell phone the other night. I thought to myself that it looked good but the screen size was too small to be viable for me. Looking on the website for FLO didn't give me any reason to believe that I could get a much bigger screen either.

I clicked on the link for where to buy so I'll be stopping by this week to check it out anyway.

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I was excited about Flo when I first read about it being released until I saw there was no video out on the unit.

While the service isn't the same, I'm looking at an Archos 5 Internet Tablet. You can get a DVR dock for it and stock up on content with no subscription fees. It also has optional GPS and has HDMI out so connecting to a bigger screen is no problem. It uses the Android OS.

I just don't know if it works as good as it sounds, time will tell.


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