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Perspectives on work done
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I did a ton of work over the past 3 or 4 years. Work has included an intake manifold, camshaft, AIR tubes, AIR pumps, water pump, timing chain, every hose, every hose clamp, alternator, fuel pump, steel line from the pump to the carb.... Only in the past few months, have I gotten out much with the rig.

Some perspectives:
drivers seat - I wished I replaced it years ago, having the ability to drive with no back pain is so fine. I used channel strut to mount the seat back 2 inches further to allow my legs to stretch.

mpg - hammering the gas pedal, using the shifter manually for maximum acceleration, I am almost getting 7.5MPG. It is more than before, before I changed the camshaft and the intake manifold. I like the added power and the added economy. Probably because all the vacuum hoses are new, that helps with distributor timing.

temperature - maybe the engine is running cooler with the improved ignition timing from the replacement of the vacuum hoses. maybe it is the high flow thermostat. I didn't know such things existed. But if you are running hot, get one. The engine will now run at around 185F on a shady state road at 70 degrees at 35mph. It gets to 225 and no higher at 70mph, on an interstate at 85 degrees. It seems to cool faster as well.

smooth power - so many things changed, it is hard to point to one thing. But maybe just by replacing the timing chain and the nylon teeth on the old gears, that helps. I used to experience misfires and bucking every now and then, now almost never. Maybe once every 100 miles, like when I let off the throttle fast, I can get a backfire through the carb. Maybe I need to jet the carb a bit richer.

starting - no problems, perhaps it was changing the solenoid on the arm near the alternator, maybe the heat shield on the starter helps.

dog house - getting the "secondary" dog house out of the way is essential. I also had to use 2" spacers to boost up my doghouse, given the change in engine height with the Weiand intake manifold. I like the added power, and that manifold and Crane cam seem like a good match.

exhaust manifold gaskets - there are some good alternatives out there, you don't have to get your exhaust resurfaced.

lifestyle - if you love a 35 year old RV, you need to plan on weekends together, replacing floor sections, replacing blackwater tank supports, replacing the 14" square Jensen roof vents. You might also find a guy who is a welder in your town, with a diesel powered welder, to weld nuts to the broken bolts, and his help is worth every Federal Reserve Note you hand him.

tires and rims - I was able to sell the 19.5 inch tires that have been around for 14 years to a dumpster guy. I got new tires, and perhaps it is my wishful thinking, but I also think the Alcoa rims up front make it smoother. Maybe I just had some flat spots on the tires from so much sitting.

tools - always good to have, and part of the lifestyle issue. Craftsman is at Lowes now, and I prefer that. But Harbor Freight has such a great variety of ratchets in different sizes, extensions, and hardened sockets. Big breaker bars help. From Lowes, a big Kobalt brand 120V impact driver is awesome! Good for those lug nuts. And I love the Craftsman 20V cordless tools.

And when you get back on the road, or at the campsites, you can have greater admiration for the work done by the Barth company, and by yourself too.


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Very good write up . You have done quite a bit of work getting it in top shape .

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I drove my 86 Regal over 40,000 miles between 2011 and 2016. In the beginning, it seemed that every time I drove it there was something that needed work. I was usually able to keep things on the road and I only spent two nights on the roadside. It was great to have taken so many trips and seen so many people.

Threads here on the site document engine work, then replacement of engine and trans, radiator and all engine components. All brakes, brake and fuel lines, fuel pumps, filters and selector valves, ACs, LED lights, furnace, exhaust system, the list goes on.

Ironically, about the time I got things right I realized I needed another larger coach for extended stays in Florida. I sold the Regal. I still miss that 400hp fuel injected 454HO engine. The new owner had enough faith to buy it sight unseen, fly to Detroit and drive it directly to Texas! I was pleased for him that he made it home to enjoy it for years.

The Monarch needs less attention, but I have redone brakes, suspension components. Only downtime for it was the roadside radiator swap near Dayton. I should have known to replace it sooner. With about 35,000 miles on the Monarch now I am enjoying the fruits of my labor there.

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing the coach is done right, having worked on things I know more about how the systems work, should they fail. I have had many trouble free miles. It is a great feeling to be confident on the open road far from home. Thumbs Up

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