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Unique, Special or interesting features
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Being that I have only been in the Barth Family for under 2 month and having no prior Barth experience, I have found some really cool features on my motorhome. Most of the features were not working or kinda hidden, so finding them has not been easy. I would like to compile a list of these features so that someone new to this forum can have them at their fingertips and someone like me can check to see if mine is equipt. Please list 1 or 2 items that you think are really special that came on the Barth. I will go first...

1. Illuminating grab handle...if yours doesn't light up check the bulb in the upper portion of the mount.

2. Overhead LED lights above the switch is under the cabinet at the door and on the wall in the bedroom.
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There is considerable variation among Barth coaches and trailers. hmm

Over time they used GM, MCC, Spartan, Gillig and Oshkosh chassis, with GM 350, 400, 454 and Ford 460 gasoline V8 engines, 5.9 and 8.3 6 cylinder Cummins, and 10.4 Caterpillar, GM 6.5 and 8.2 diesel V8 engines. There were a few Class Cs on GM, Ford or Dodge chassis. Others were built as commercial units.

As for coaches, many were built to the owner's specifications. They have various appliances, different generators, steps, awnings, etc. Many have been modified and upgraded in the 25+ years they have been used.

The result is a great deal of difference. Any such list would not be correct for any one coach and would still require careful inspection to verify equipment. Switches, fuse panels, and valves vary in function and location.

Bottom line: Thorough inspection of the entire unit is needed in any case. Considering the age and varying storage conditions, any Barth owner should be diligent about inspection prior to buying and operation. Anything that does not have obvious function can be researched here on this site using the search feature, indicating model and chassis type, and topic of interest. Browse at length.

Personally, for any vehicle, I have always started with the brakes. No point in moving if you can't stop safely. Next comes chassis and driveline. Next, accessories and creature comforts. Finally, appearance. Brake lines, fuel lines and wiring are critical to safe, reliable operation.

Your Oshkosh chassis appeared fairly late in the Regal series and is less common than others. Keep us posted on what you find. Good luck! Mechanic

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I have always started with the brakes

As it should be. The machine has to be able to stop. An almost equal concern, is identifying where "the Achilles heel" is, in terms of making it go.

On the P30 chassis, one of those would be the rubber hose integral to the fuel tank sender, on those versions with the electric pump. There's fuel filters on the way to the engine as well, that may or may not have ever been serviced.

Even if the best mechanics were always used on servicing the machine, sometimes they are pressured to getting the machine on the road ASAP, without performing their role to the utmost of their abilities. This may mean that a section of rubber hose has been spliced in the fuel line (gasoline leak and fire hazard), or the AC compressor bracket reinforcement has been left off.

As I think about this, make sure you pay attention to the things that are supposed to make the rig stop. Then think about the things that could make it stop, when you don't want it to.

Look for abrasions on oil cooler lines. On the P30 chassis, there is a 4" section of hose which brings the radiator cap in connection to the radiator. That is never serviced, and it should be at this point. Hoses that are decades old, like to the hot water heater should be replaced. Hose clamps that are decades old should be replaced.

Happy motoring!

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