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Happy Easter
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One thing I was raised to not do is talk politics or religion.

Sound advice!

But in these times no matter what you believe. I hope you believe in something!

Happy Easter and here’s to hoping things get better!

I hope you are all in good health. If not I hope you are getting the care you need.

I hope to see you all on the road or at a GTG somewhere!

Safe Travels in all your endeavors!

Dana & Lynn
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Thanks Dana, back to you. We are having an Easter dinner here at the park with our winter neighbors. A good time to be thankful for good health, good friends, and good times. We are hoping all are happy and healthy.

We have had 90 degree days for a couple weeks now. February and March were both well above average this winter. All in all a rather warm winter. We will be pulling out and heading north on Wednesday.

We are planning to visit Cagles in Georgia on the way. Johns will be there a couple days too. Both are dear friends we have known now since 2011. We always have the best time with them. We met them through this site and they are among the best reasons we are so glad to have been involved with Barths.

As for politics, remember the quote. (W. C. Fields, I think..) "I never vote, it just encourages the b@$tar#$!"

Hopefully the Great White North will not be too white with snow next week. Dana, just keep all the snow in Minnesnowta and send it down river to Duane! ROTFLMAO

Have Barth, will travel (soon!) Tooling Along

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Spartan MM, 6 spd Allison
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Happy Easter to Ya'll Smiler

Sam Miniature Schnauzer
3.8.2009 - 9.24.2021

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Thank you Dana, I hope year Easter was joyous as well.
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I missed this thread when Dana started it, Those are great rules to live by. Another would be to stop pushing your melt water into Iowa!! Hope you and Lynn had a great Easter!!

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P30 chassis
350 engine
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