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Full Time RV-living / interior pics
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I’m curious if any of y’all are living in your Barth full time.

If so, how have you changed/decorated/remodeled the interior to make it feel more like home?
What are some handy things you’ve done for storage etc?

For those who have made Barth their home, I’d love to see some pictures of your interior!

I need to tidy up a little but will share some pictures here shortly.

We’ve been living in our 33’ Barth Regal SE since November. Kept all the original furniture etc in tact.

Just very curious to see what solutions you’ve found to use the space as efficiently as possible!
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Interesting question, fairly close to home!

We drove a 1986 33ft Regal SE from early 2011 until late 2016. We put around 40,000 miles on it. Really liked that motorhome, I still miss it.

We never lived in it full time but we wintered in it for 3-4 months in Florida.

Storage was always a challenge. Basement compartments are bigger than the shorter Regals but still crammed. We used the closet next to the stove for a pantry instead of closet. Often had stuff piled in the shower when on the road. The last year I had it, I removed the shower to replace it, then used it for storage until finished.

For sale pics here with some interiors:

The best modification was external, and actually came with the coach. A Patio Room screened enclosure! With flaps along the side of the coach and carpets on the floor, it was bug proof and cat escape safe. It had tarps to drop when windy but we left them rolled up mostly. We had a table, some comfy chairs, and a small refrigerator there. Having the center coach door was ideal to go in and out of coach without having to go outside. Highly recommended! Thumbs Up cheers

About when our Florida stays became more like 5-6 months, the 98 Monarch came along for sale. With the pass through compartments below, storage is way better. A bit wider, 4 ft longer too. We really like it for the longer stays. I still miss the Regal when driving or parking, though.

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Donna and I had a 1993 32ft Regency that we lived in full time while we rebuilt an old house. Occupants also included a full size black lab and a black cat.

The only problem was a washer/dryer. Donna had to go to the washerteria until I could get a washer/dryer set up in the house.

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