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Bump. Avast! antivirus is now compatible. Still, dropouts are routine; my issues were solved with a new modem.

Firefox seems to work best, displaying in the correct proporions, and it just updated itself with the latest version of Adobe Flash.


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Howdy Folks! After lots of research in purchasing a "used RV, I'm giving serious thought to the purchase of a 1991 Barth with a 5.9 cummings. Any thoughts or concerns? The attention to quality of the Barth product is what really appeals to me over most other RV's out there. Thank you in advance for your responces.
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Other than the usual maintenance issues for any machinery that is 25 years old, I would check to see how often the vehicle was used and how long since it was run.

If it was regularly used, the systems are hopefully mostly functional. If it has been sitting more than year there will be many more things to check.

#1 (always) pull all wheels, check brakes, lines, and suspension components.

#2 check fuel. Diesel fuel will go nasty rather quickly, especially in warm damp climates. Change all fuel filters.

#3 check all rubber parts, ie belts, hoses.

#4 check all appliances, etc.

Search the site here and you will find numerous discussions of these and other topics.

As we say here, you're often better off with an old Barth than some other coaches. If you are diligent, you can fix the Barths faster then they break, not always so for other old coaches. Good luck.

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Thank you Steve W. Much appreciated
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Just wanted to say Hi. We are new to Barth ownership. We recently bought a 1965 19' Barth trailer. I thought I'd sign up on to keep in touch with other owners and ask questions or get answers. So far, we've only logged one outing, but are going to a couple of vintage rallies in April.
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We recently purchased a 1972 Barth and have just put it in the garage to get it checked out--but it drove fine from Sussex, New Jersey to Manhattan. She's a beautiful machine. Polished aircraft aluminum skin and all original interior etc, but needs lots of work!
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Here's Beelzebub!
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