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81-86 MCC Regency 35
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Barth's first entry into the diesel coach market was with the early MCC and Regency coaches. These had an MCC independent suspension 35 ft coach chassis, powered by the 8.2 liter GM V8 diesel. The Barth coaches were well made, with quality materials and workmanship.

The torsion bar suspensions were said to have a very good ride quality but the suspensions had numerous problems with marginal brakes and rear axle ujoint faiure. The suspension parts are long obsolete and no longer available. This resulted in many units being sidelined.

In addition, the 8.2 engine design was prone to overheating and head gasket failure. GM made a few upgrades to larger head bolts, etc but the engines remained prone to failure and were discontinued around 1988. Few parts are left over.

Around 1986 Barth changed to diesel coaches with Spartan and Gillig chassis, powered by Cummins and Caterpillar engines. Many of these coaches are still in service.

When I first joined this site there were a few members still running the 35 Regencies. I believe all of them had engine failure eventually. I don't know if any of them are still on the road.

I am always nervous when I see the 35 Regencies for sale. In spite of the general high quality of the Barth coaches, I would not recommend the 35s except for stationary residential uses. Their chassis and drivelines are truly orphans among our dinosaur Barths.

I am curious if any site members are still using their 35s and if they are able to get parts and service. I have not seen much here on these coaches for a long time.

Any comments or feedback on these?

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This was my introduction to Barth and Dave Bowers in April of 2002.I was working temporarily in Ohio w/o good options for accommodations so I checked a campground as a possible option. The manager had a Regency he wanted to trade and kept increasing the offer for my unseen trailer. When I got back to the office I looked up Barth and found this site, contacted Dave followed up with the rebuilder in Chicago and passed but remained intrigued with the site. There's an ad for one in our archives that had both front and rear axles upgraded but the 8.2 remained.
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