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Dinghy Vehicle ?
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I have a general question to pose to yall. What do you all use as a dinghy/toad vehicle behind your coaches? Also, what seems to work the best four wheels down or tow dolly? Any and all input is appreciated.
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You will find as many vehicles as opinions on this topic

A valuable and probably the most comprehensive guide to vehicles I’ve found is the yearly FMCA towing guide. It lists all the current year vehicle that are towable 4 wheels down.

Tow dolly is another thing to find room for and maintain. Sorry unless you have a vehicle that you want to pull and can’t pull 4 down.

I personally pull a 2015 Chevy Colorado extended cab. I have a commercial topper with doors on the sides. Ain’t pretty but it is super functional. It’s my hunting truck and my dog believes it’s her vacation home. My only complaint is no screen windows. When it’s hot I travel with the rear door open. I get waved at often telling me it’s open. When really warm/hot I open the sides also. Have to make sure nothing will blow out.

I have an older air brake system that runs off the coach brakes. The tail lights are wired to the brake lights of the coach with diodes.

With my coach I don’t even know it’s there except that I see it in the rear camera. I’m sure it takes my mileage down!

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Strongly recommend towing 4 down. Loading and unloading a tow dolly is extra time and more equipment.

As for vehicle, consider the purpose. If you need the cargo space, a larger vehicle will serve well. If you just expect 2 people for short trips, get something smaller and save a little fuel. hmm

I towed a 1971 VW Bus for quite a while. A compromise, since it was pretty small but could carry quite a bit. Very little effect on mileage.

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My limited experience says 4 down is the way to go. Had a gas 454 24-foot Barth that towed a Miata on a dolly, hardly knew the car was there and it barely affected fuel mileage. The only problems were storing it when not in use and taking the Miata on and off, believe four down solves both of these problems.

The reason at least for me for a toad is just for emergency and B-double-e, double r, uns. Now with an ole 71 Barth 24-footer, and a gas 350 engine, think a small motorcycle or scooter is what I am going use. Hopefully easy to take on and off a rear rack and store.

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For us a car hauler works great . It gives us extra storage capacity and the ability to back up if needed . Also if we were to loose an axle or wheel bearing on the Jeep while trail riding , we can get the Jeep home on the trailer .

It does add extra weight , but that hasn't been a problem for the Cummins-Allison powered Coach . We prefer a cruising speed of 55-60 mph . If needed on long steep grades the Jeep can be unloaded and Cat can follow , but that hasn't been necessary yet . When we travel to the Rockies , it may be needed .

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