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Winterize the Coach (Midnight) 2021 Maurice LA
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Well it was time to winterize. This year we thought we would take Rustys advice.

Minnesnowta hard freeze last Thursday. We headed south with the pickup in tow. Maiden voyage for my 2015 Colorado. First night a parking lot in Branson Missouri. Back on the road at 3 am. Out of the Ozark Mountains with little traffic. At my relatives by 5pm. 91 freakin degrees and humid.

Coach ran well. That new radiator and all new hoses made a huge difference. We had heat up front for when we left. The engine and transmission stayed nice and comfortable at 180 degrees for the 8.3 and 200 for the Allison.

Midnight is safely parked at my Relatives by Maurice. Did a quick power visit with some/lots of the relatives. Packed up and grabbed 10 pounds of Boudin for the cooler and over to Lantana Texas for a quick day stay with my sister and family. Pickup made the straight thru trip yesterday with no major issues.

Spent the morning blowing leaves off the house and out of the yard. Rain is coming. That is the 2nd big push of leaves. We will have one more when the Oaks, Cataulpas, lindens decide it is time to let theirs go. We have to get off the lawn or it would smother. We push them into the trees/ woods. We live in a wooded ravine. Such is life getting ready for a Minnesnowta winter. Supposed to get another hard freeze then I can bring in firewood in garage. Hopefully won’t need much. Drive back south reverse trip from the way up after January 10th. That is the last day of Iowa pheasant season. By then I might need a sweater (Rusty).

Will be nice to be warm instead of Minnesnowta cold. Look forward to going visit BillyT and maybe shoot over to Florida sometime to visit the snowbirds. Get over to visit Nick and Donna. A visit with Tom and Nancy is always a good time. So much to do………………….

Dana & Lynn
1997 38ft Monarch front entry
Spartan Mountain Master Chassis
Cummins 8.3 325hp
Allison MD-3060 6 speed
22.5 11R
Cummins Factory Exhaust Brake
8000 watt Quiet Diesel Generator
Christened Midnight

1972 22ft
Christened Camp Barth
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You sure are a fast study, a few months retired and all ready a pro at it!!!

1971 24 ft Barth Continental
P30 chassis
350 engine
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