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Road Trip
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Hello everyone. Hope your road trips this summer are fun and safe. We own or should I say it owns us, the 72 22' Barth that is shown sitting on the high desert in Eastern Ore. with the land sailor sitting along side it. The dry lake that it is sitting on is called Alvord Lake. It is almost twenty miles long and ten miles wide. The lake is located below Burns, Ore. in the Southeast corner of the state. The elevation is right at 4000 feet. You can drive all over the lake. The only trouble is that the dust gets in everything and I mean everthing.
We just got back from a trip with Barth across the state. I play in a swing band and we had a concert in Yakima, Wa. We drove back across White Pass and that drive gives you one of the best views of MT Rainier you could ever want. Barth run really well although the engine temps were up on the long pulls. The only other problem was the starter. When it gets hot it doesn't want to engage. I put cold water on the starter and then smacked the selenoid with a hammer and it worked. I'll tear into that this week. Have fun. Dennis
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Dennis, some guy posted a long-winded post on underhood heat damage that might apply to your starter problem.
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Other than the fore mentioned windy but valuable data on "hot starter" I have emailed you the tech sheet I have on this.

Good Luck hope it all helps.
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