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Maiden Voyage.
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We purchased our 1987 30 foot Barth last summer. It is a converted commercial, that was done by the Barth factory in '95 or so.

While looking to get into the motorhome vactioning life, we happened to find outselves on a motorhome lot about an hour from home.

Looking at the variety of used motorhomes in our price range, I became depressed at the flimsy construction, high mileage and dark, moody interiors of the coaches we looked at.

I had all but given up hope when my wife saw the Barth. Although it was about 5 thousand more than I wanted to spend, It had a pleasant, open interior with tasteful fabrics. It even had a spacious bathroom, which was nice since I had resigned myself to NOT taking a shower while sitting on a commode.

The salesman explained a quick history of Barth. The cabinets in the kitche were all hardwood (nicer than the ones in my HOME) and I could find nothing but good wood, and premium fittings. It was a class act, even to my untrained eye.

A quick internet search found this site, and I was sold on the coach by the pure enthusiasm of the membership here, and their dedication to the construction and excellence of these somewhat outdated but classy coaches.

After fitting out our coach with linens, provisions, tools and a quick trip to the mechanic for some preventative maintenance, we were ready.

I had promised our two young sons a trip to DisneyWorld, and I have lost my taste for airtravel since the TSA has made airtravel a farce.

We left at midnight, the eve of Thanksgiving.

I turned down the couchbed, and tucked the children in, and buckled their seatbelts over them and their blankets. We pulled out and headed for I-95.

We drove all night, and arrived at Disney World Fort Wilderness the next evening.

My wife was nervous about driving a big motorhome, but pulled a couple hour shift on the interstate, giving me a brief respite.

Fort Wilderness is a nice place. We got to stay in Disney and recieve all the benefits of a Disney Guest for less than $50/night.

The Fort Wilderness Campground is laid out in loops that give the aura of privacy, and the landscaping is up to the highest Disney standards. For our first camping trip, it set a high standard against which all others will be judged.

The first night, as I lay on the bed near the front of the cabin, I listened to the airconditioners low hum and watched the spanish moss sway on the trees, I knew I was home. The children slept well, knowing that there was no new surroundings to become used to. Being in our home away from home gave us a sense of peace and happiness that colored our enjoyable stay at Disney the way no hotel could have.

I knew we were on the right path when my son was sitting in his car seat in the front seat. We found it easier to unhook the Barth and drive into town or to a resturaunt than to rent a car. We were driving to a local resturaunt that had become an icon for my wife and I, a remembrence of our life prior to children that we wanted to share with them. He was enjoying the view out the big windshield, and asked me to re-tell a story from my work. I said "just wait til we get home, Ok?"

He said "We already are home".

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Windsor, what a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

I have heard so many good things about Fort Wilderness.

By the way, I hope they don't mind me telling the story but Mike Cropper who is a regular on the website here was down in Ft. Wilderness with his wife Janet and so was Morrie Cothern who also frequents the site. I don't know how many RV lots there are there in Ft. Wilderness, but Morrie had heard that there was another Barth so he got on his bike and I guess spent hours searching until he found them.

I heard the story because both Mike and Janet and Morrie and his "monster but kind" Doberman were at the recent rally in Lanesboro.

What people won't do to find another Barth...
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Dave, look at what you have done by starting "Journeys". I agree what a touching story. I can't wait to read some more. I know they are out there.
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