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Where have they gone?
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Coaches that used to be, the desert special that was for sale forever, the 93 or 94 in KC that had to go, the bustle model that sold near Lake Ozark etc? There have been many such examples where the owners were more than infrequent posters yet the coach entered oblivion. Site attendance indicates a great many more visitors than members, perhaps some visitors became owners and will join so they can fill in these empty pages. Around this campfire there are many stories to be continued. I would like to hear them.
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I have seen many sell thru Craigslist and Marketplace and we don’t ever see them join us on Barthmobile.

Look at the Facebook Barth group and they already have folks making reservations. Folks I may or may not know. They may go by a user name on Barthmobile and on Facebook they may use their real name.

I see few of our Barthmobile crew on Facebook. Danny Z the only one consistently. It is so easy to post pics on Facebook than any way we can currently. I check here most days and there also. I’m not one that posts a lot there. People don’t need to know what I do most of the time. If I wipe my nose on my sleeve it’s not noteworthy! If it is that person should get out more. There are some who worry that everything they do is being tracked. Maybe so but I still do what I want most of the time and don’t worry about it.

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I was very happy to find one from an existing member Smiler . In fact , the four previous owners of our coach were members . I was able to read quite a few years of history on our coach on this site . It just required a little research and the data tag project . Computer

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