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Regency plastic molding insert 33/64 or 1/64 over one half inch
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Originally posted by Clint Webb:
The Regency moulding insert is still available from AP Products under the part number 011-355 Black. I think it is also available in white. When Kevin bought his, I also ordered some which is where I got the part number. Ap stuff is also sold on Ebay as well as Amazon. Be prepared for the price- it appears to be at least $3 per foot and it comes in 8 foot lenghts.
Hope this helps out.

Regards: Clint

Crazy prices! Everything is up except my investments head bang The markets will come back but never fast enough.

That information is priceless if you need it. I was able to reuse all my aluminum pieces. There was some stretch as it had been caulked in to varying degrees. I had to just cut off the excess. I found out mine had been redone at least 3 different ways. Not knowing by whom and when I replaced all the rivets even if they seemed good. I used all aluminum closed end rivets (marine rivets). One section had the cheapest aluminum rivets I have ever encountered. They may have been made out of Reynolds’s Wrap Deadhorse Thumbs Down

Do it right once I always say but don’t always do! When you have made do with duct tape and baling wire. It’s sometimes hard to change!

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Hi All, on our Breakaway, we had about a 6' section where we wanted the belt molding & the rivet cover to be polished to a very high gloss aluminum. We were not able to find the rivet cover in metal(aluminum) therefore I attempted to use this solution & it worked out very well. I discovered that a 1/2" wide X 1/8" thick 6' long piece of aluminum flat stock available at Lowes, Home Depot, Rural King, & Ace Hardware can be used successfully. The inner edges need to be beveled very slightly(estimated 1/32"- 1/16" on each side edge facing the coach, as the main belt-line extrusion is slightly beveled. I used our router table but some hand work & a file would be effective & maybe quicker since you don't have to worry about the router setup. Dry fit the aluminum stock until you're pleased with appearance then take 1/2" wide 3M VHB(very high bond double-sided tape) & place a piece between each rivet(not over top) as this tape takes up the 1/8" height of the rivet head. Then place a strip of VHB tape on the aluminum stock on the inside beveled side & carefully place it on the belt molding. If its 6' long, an extra set of hands will be helpful as you'll only have one chance to get it right because you'll ruin the 1/2" stock trying to get it back off. As a final note: the piece we completed using this method actually looked better than stock, additionally the material is available without ordering & is not expensive. The aluminum could be painted, wrapped with vinyl, or polished. However, using this material & method is not a snap-in solution but may help somebody who only needs a short section repaired or just enjoys custom fabrication.

Good Luck
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That's great information , thanks Smiler

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There is a guy who has the plastic insert send me a pm and I will give you his number!!! lots cheaper than $3 a foot.

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