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1985 Barth in for sale section
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I taught high school chemistry for 25 years.[/QUOTE]. Cool!

WOW. Thank you for sharing that, that is impressive! If only they built these so engines were easier to work on/remove! There has to be someone looking for a wonderful new project for their Summer and years of enjoyment from a wonderful coach! Smiler
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I would like to keep it. The prior owner said "NEVER SELL IT". Just don't want it to rot.


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Head was apparently rebuilt before we bought it.

this causes me to wonder if the problem is the "cheap answer"... If the valve guide is a bit too tight on the valve stem, then when the engine is started, there will be some binding on the valve. This couples through the rocker arm, and causes the pushrod to bend. There might have been new valve guides and new valves installed when the head was rebuilt. Now you'll have a valve that never opens, or only opens just a little. Does your engine turn over? This problem happened to me on a Chevy 350 in a Camaro long long ago.

Connecting rods do go bad, but what is more typical of an engine with an oiling problem, is for the connecting rod bushings to wear out far too much.

Often in life, the simple answer is the right answer. I hope that is the case for you in this. A $5 part and a couple hours of time isn't that bad in the big scheme of things.


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"I would like to keep it." Still true!

"The prior owner said never sell it." That's why I still have it!! LOL

"Just don't want it to rot." - Warm weather and mechanical help don't always go hand in hand! LOL

In conclusion, trying to simplify my life and picking my battles. However, brother coming Sunday and tow driver and I are in contact. But if we can't figure it out brother is telling me it's not worth the repair cost. To him!

Matt, I hope you are right! Everyone, thank you for your input, info, links and your stories. I may be learning how to fix a 454 w family help after all!
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A lot of these 454's are ruined due to poorly adjusted or bad distributors. Mine was all rusty on the inside and was stuck in fully advanced mode and when I checked the timing, the mark was way off the scale. I popped in a new distributor and set the timing to 10 BTDC, but my engine was already ruined and I have Rod Knock. So guys, lets get those distributors changed out as soon as you can and remember to use ported vacuum. $85 dollars for a new distributor is a small price to pay to save thousands in engine repairs. And use the correct oil with Zinc additives for these older engines.
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