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Hydroboost weeping.
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Decided to do a little Christmas camping and had a visit from the Grinch. Now my hydroboost is weeping. After considering upgrading to a newer unit from a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Turbo Diesel (just have to swap the tail shaft and push rod). I have decided to just put a seal kit in the old one. I am very confident I will do a better job than the shops I have available here. Does anyone have a part number for a good seal kit for a 1984 P30 hydroboost, oh and a master cylinder part number as well. The old one looks a little rusty and prob. 30 years old. Thank you.
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I am in the process of changing out my Master Cylinder. It has been a heck of an experience due to its location on my Barth. Mine is to the left of the steering column, so you cannot access it through the dog house. You need to turn your wheels all the way to the left, climb under the front and scooch back to the wheel well and up. Removing the MC was not hard, 4 nuts, but removing and replacing the brake lines was incredibly difficult due to all the other stuff in the way and because the inlet holes are facing away from you. Im having issues getting the line furthest forward in without cross threading...I will keep at it, but I wanted to let you know what you might be in for. Yours could be different than mine. I've got the JD chassis and Ford 460.
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Im seriously thinking about cutting an access panel where the driver's feet would be in order to be able to get to the Master Cylinder fill and also if I ever need to get to the brake lines at the MC.
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I would agree with that idea. The longer you intend to keep the coach, the more reason to streamline maintenance. I am a great fan of easy access. Mechanic

Attach a photo of the modification for others, if possible. Thanks!

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I resealed many Hydraboost units and purchased all of my seal kits from the Chevy dealer.

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