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Turn signal - brake light question
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Glassnose Aficionado
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When I turn on the turn signal either way both sides in the back flash. The front is fine, just the rears do it. Also, while we were in Michigan I replaced a brake light bulb and it cooked before we even made it back to Florida. I pulled the assembly out on the passenger side and there is a white wire rivetted to the frame of the taillight assembly. I assume this is the ground but it runs inside the body into a tube and then who knows? Anybody have a clue for me as to what to do next?

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I'm assuming that you didn't do any recent rewiring of the tail lamp circuits to explain this. It reminds me of a problem I had recently on a 1977 Chevrolet truck, and ensuring that ground connections were very good helped. It seemed to me that if the electrical potential didn't have an easy path to GND, that other paths would be found, and it would be through other filaments.

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Danny I had the same issue with my lights on the truck I tow. Ground! I would clean or retap new screws for the ground to frame. Fixed my issue and I was sure I had good ground. I was wrong. It was the same place I had grounded my 12 volt for my boat winch. It quit working also. Now with new ground run perfectly. I would get 12 volt when tested. Put any load and it would go dead.

I think Rusty always said Ground,Ground, Ground…………….

Dana & Lynn
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Given our collective experience with ground connections, that woud be the first place to look. Run a new wire to a known good connection and good to go.

I have also seen problems like these with trailer connector harnesses. The wires to each brake light get crossed. If you have a trailer connector, make sure the wires there are in good shape.

Finally, and most unlikely, there could be a problem in the turn signal switch. It ties brake lights together normally but isolates them for turn signal use. It could have both brake wire contacts stuck together.

Unless there is overly high voltage, your prompt bulb failure also points to a connection problem. If the bulb is constantly cycling on and off it will burn out quickly (LEDS don't care but filaments get fried.)

Good luck with those spooky electrons. One of my students once said, "What good are protons, neutrons or electrons? They are all invisible. I prefer croutons!"

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Hi All,

Since there's a possibility that those electrons are in fact "spooky" Danny, you may consider walking around your coach three times and then search for the "bad grounds". This circling technique apparently worked for Nikola! Wink

Good Luck,

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