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    Forums    Tech Talk    Why is my Barth so heavy?
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Why is my Barth so heavy?
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So I've got a 1987 Barth Regal 25 Footer.

The GVWR is 12,300, but when I weighed it on my recent trip it was 12,800! Both the front and back axles were heavy. This is with about a half tank of gas and no other fluids in the tanks.

Any idea why it weighs so much?

I and my dog were in the vehicle along with what I had loaded for my week-long trip. Probably 400 pounds of gear plus my 185 and my dog's 35 pounds. That's about 620 pounds, leaving only 120 pounds under the max if I didn't have anything in it.

It seems impossible to me that the vehicle would weigh so much with the basic vehicle accoutrements in it. Everything seems stock-ish, I guess. Most of the construction is 3/4" plywood and the oak (?) cabinets.

I posted a video on YouTube with a walkthrough for an idea of what it looks like inside. Please forgive the sniffling and sneezing, as allergies started getting me.
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A very good question. Many RVs are overweight or nearly so. Barth coaches were built to be solid and they were well equipped with appliances and quality cabinets and are often at maximum weight.

It is not uncommon that coaches with full tanks are over the GVWR. I don't understand why the companies don't use a heavier chassis to begin with. (Evidently a cost issue...)

Heavy weight compromises braking and handling performance. Another problem is weight distribution. There were some some other brand Class Cs produced that actually had extra springs on one side to keep them level. The chassis companies are not usually involved with the coach companies to compare notes.

Just be sure your brakes and suspension are well maintained and tires are well inflated.

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Ahh, I see! That makes sense. I think the frame will handle it no problem, so I'll be sure to keep an eye on the brakes and suspension!

Thank you!
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    Forums    Tech Talk    Why is my Barth so heavy?

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