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Reliable Repair Shops - Post Your Experiences!
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Tampa Springs -

I worked with Howard and he was great. Fixed up my 66 Barth with new springs and brakes. Great experience.
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Had our refrigerator on Old Blue rebuilt by this company. I may have mentioned them a long time ago. They have grown quite a bit since we had the service done. Sam Obermiller is the owner & he went to school with our kids. May be a good source for a lot of do it yourself questions now that they have expanded.

5 year warranty on the rebuild is pretty sweet Near Charlotte

Check them out & tell them Jim & Tere Bianchi sent you. (No you won't get any special discounts nor will we)


Jim and TereJim and Tere

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Do NOT use RV Oregon. They gave a firm quotation late last November for a bunch of work, all to be completed by the third week of January 2021. As of August 2021 it still remains only partially completed. The first instruction was to test all internal appliances (Air Con, Furnace, Stove, Water heater / pump etc.) All apparently passed ok. Then replace a window, and reseal it and the rest of the coach, and repaint the damaged area round said window.

The paintwork was... tragic.. their excuse, which became a great stand-by, was staff sickness. When they ran out of staff to be sick, they went on to nephew's blown out knee, sister's gallstones and... still the work was unfinished. They managed eventually to replace a rusted out compartment, but then had to take it out and put it back as they had forgotten to rust-proof it. they also missed large chunks of the chassis... then the 'expert technician' admitted he had not used the de-rusting solution mandated, and had accidentally used truck bed liner spray instead of the correct item. He had also failed to maintain the barrier between the steel frame and the aluminum panels, and one could see electrolytic corrosion beginning in the seams.. then there was the a/c which now did not work.. they claimed they'd had it running just fine on the generator.. they replaced it, but now the generator failed to work, and their a/c tech (actually a milk delivery driver who swapped careers recently) said that the generator had not, as they claimed, been serviced, indeed it had NEVER worked!

I obtained a replacement locally (for $175 !!) which was seen to work in the RV it was pulled from, and on the ground before they mounted it - then it didn't. They said they'd fixed it, remounted it, then smelled exhaust fumes, dismounted it, refitted it with a new gasket, then.. it would no longer start. 10 days later and claiming it was 'a bad earth' it worked. Of course putting in the new radio (4 hours) took four weeks of bungling, and they then discovered the brakes were not 'seized on the rear right adjuster' but shot, and $1500 dollars later... This is just an edited highlight edition of the most incompetent, untruthful mob I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Our planned cross country trip from Oregon to NJ for my partner's sister's wedding didn't happen, causing a lot of strain on the relationship, and that was to have been in June! Yesterday I went to collect it and.. they still had not replaced the antenna winder they broke, the paintwork was incomplete, and the dash air failed to work as we discovered that the radio fitter had disconnected all the hoses in the dash (and glued the new radio in...) However he had not actually screwed back the dash panel housing the radio etc, which proudly boasted 6 holes with no screws.. When I confronted the business owner ' he claimed 'his recollection of promises made' differed from mine.. so I showed him the entire chain of messages exchanged between us since last year, every promise, every missed delivery date, every excuse. He told me that was 'unfair' lol

All in all a real pain. They also forgot to switch the battery isolator on my NEW coach batteries, which of course died.. they have replaced the high quality units with very cheap lead acid ones... The funniest thing was their boasting that another customer had commented about the fine restoration of the solid cherry wood interior.. I pointed out I DID THAT!

To top it all, they have a 'by appointment only' system, but when you call to make one, they do not answer and you cannot leave a message as their voicemail is full! They try to shield their customers from their staff.. do you wonder why?

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Originally posted by Marvin+Doris:

If you need any work on your RV, we highly recommend these folks
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We use Hansen Enterprises Fleet in the Cottonwood/Camp Verde AZ area. They have been good with general service (oil/filters/additives/brake & hose conditions, exchanged alternators etc) as well as replacing air springs.They have been servicing our 93 Breakaway for about 10 years.


1993 Breakaway 36ft & 1977 20 ft
Spartan: air ride and brakes & P32(?)
Cummins: 8.3 litre 250hp, PACBrake
Allison 3060 (6 spd)
Front entry, side hallway
7.5 kw diesel gen.
1999 2dr Tracker 4X4 5spd, SMI Braking system
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Have had no issues with South Coast RV.
The first work they did was replace 6 tires and checked the brakes. Replaced the coach batteries. installed solar panel and controller. Replaced the coach batteries under warranty.

South Coast RV
801 Broadway
Chula Vista, Ca 91911

619-476-7195 open Mon-Fri 0800-1700

Have to schedule ahead they are busy, but very good!
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South Coast RV no longer works on Rv's older than 1998.
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