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In the top right corner of every page are links to login and logout.

If you are not logged in it will say:


When you log in please check whether this site requires an email address and a password for login.

If you have lost your password, you can have it sent to your email address by clicking a link on the login page called "Lost Password?"

Why register?

Many features of the site require a login to view. You will also be able to save personal preferences when you are logged in.

Remember Me

Select this option if you wish to save a cookie on your computer to stay logged in automatically to the community.


Clicking the logout link will log you out of the site and clear the "Remember Me" cookie if selected.

Personal Zone

Click the "Go" button in the top navigation bar on any page. Choose the option "Personal Zone"


Clicking the profile link will first show your Public Profile. This is the information other members of the community may see about you.

In order to view and edit your "Private Profile," click the "Edit Profile" link. Your site administrator determines what fields are required and what fields are optional. Required fields are marked with an asterisk and you may not submit your profile unless these fields are filled in.

I was sent to my Profile without asking!

This means there are new terms of service posted by the administrator or a new profile field required by the community. You will need complete your profile before proceeding to regular community pages.


This is a list of community members in your own personal group. Use this list to create Private Messaging topics, if enabled by your site administrator.

To add members to your group, click the "Add members" link and search for other members by name.

Ignore List

To manage your ignored users, go to the Personal Zone section and click the "Ignore List" link. Your current list of ignored users will be displayed.

For ignored users, replies in topics are hidden by default. In addition, you will not receive notifications of new content by ignored users, and ignored users will not be able to start a Private Message with you.

To add someone to your ignore list, click the "Add Users" link. This link is to the right of your ignore list's title. Search for the display name of the user you wish to ignore, check their box, and click the "Add Selected Members" button.

To stop ignoring another user, go to the Personal Zone section and click the "Ignore List" link. Your current list of ignored users will be displayed. Check the box next to the user you wish to stop ignoring, and click the "Remove Checked Users" button.


You may belong to "power groups" or "premium groups" within the community. Membership in these groups gives you special access and features within the community. Click the link to show your group memberships.


The permissions browser shows what you may and may not do within your community.

Click each section to expand the permission descriptions. A check mark shows that you have a permission. No check mark means that you do not have the permission.

Private Messaging

If enabled, Private Messaging topics are discussions where those invited may view and participate.

You may join an existing Private Messaging discussion by clicking on the title. You may start a new Private Messaging discussion by clicking the "New Private Message" button. Use your Buddies list to choose other members to invite.


Here is a list of notifications you may have requested while browsing the community. Click "edit" to change any notification option. Use the check box beside any title to select notifications you wish to delete. You may also temporarily suspend all notifications or remove all notifications.


This is a rating of your performance and reputation in the community. It is normally based on participation in the community, but may be edited by the administrator.


Choose your personal preferences for common options in the community.

Terms of Service

Love Barthmobile.com? Become a Supporting Member

Click the PayPal button to become a Supporting Member of Barthmobile.com E-mail me for my mailing address
Thank you to Cloudy Nights for allowing us to adopt their TOS for our site. Both the original and revised TOS are in effect. Comments and revisions to this TOS document can be directed to Bill_ny@barthmobile.com, I welcome all suggestions. Your suggestions will improve this document.

To all of our members, besides "Data Storage", nothing else has changed. The revised TOS is the same as the original TOS, it just has more i's dotted and t's crossed. Wink

----------------- Original TOS -----------------

This site is a Barth Custom Coach Affinity website and is membership supported. "Donations are accepted thru PayPal at Bill_NY@Barthmobile.com but are NOT REQUIRED to be a member here" - Again, there is no cost involved in being a member of this site.

No commercial advertising of products or services are allowed in the "forum areas" unless placed there, or is pre-approved by the "Host of Barthmobile.com". All Barth owners, commercial and otherwise, are allowed to sell their coaches here (free of charge) in the "Barth Coaches For Sale" forum area. You may link any Barth Coaches that are found "For Sale" outside of this site only in the "Barth Sightings" forum. Examples include eBay, Craig's List, street corner, etc...

Political discussions, offensive or crude behavior is not considered appropriate activities on this site. Please keep your comments related to the matter at hand, thread drifts can be fun too. Being mean or a pain in the backside, while not a crime, will upset me... And you don't want to upset me now, do you? Big Grin

All information contained in this website is free to use (at your own risk) provided that this website and original author are credited. Internal photos, designs and logos are not allowed to be linked to outside of this site and are the property of Barthmobile.com, and, or, the original poster.

------------- Revised TOS 11/24/07 -------------

Please note: The Terms Of Service/Forum Guidelines are subject to change without notice.

The Basics:

Simply put, the following behavior is expected from members and potential members:

  • Share
  • Play Nice
  • Be Polite
  • Be Honest
  • Respect other members, the administrators and moderators who are working to keep this board a useful resource.

    Above all, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    The entirety of this TOS Post flows out of those simple guidelines.

    Appropriate posting practices:

    The Barthmobile.com forums are a family oriented discussion board. As such, the following guidelines are in place to support this philosophy:

    Topics of a sensitive nature or that are not appropriate for someone at least the age of 14 years old will be removed and the poster asked to post them elsewhere.

    No profanity or sexual content in any form, it is explicitly left to the discretion of the moderators to decide if something is indecent and thus a violation of the family friendly provisions of the TOS.

    Posts that are not respectful of other individuals (be they members or not) are not welcome here.

    Thread hijacking is the act of trying to steer a web forum discussion thread off topic by discussing a subject entirely unrelated to the subject at hand. While this can be an intentional act of trolling, it is often accidental - caused by other participants in the discussion responding to a throwaway remark, taking the thread off at a tangent to the original subject matter. The results, whilst sometimes humorous or otherwise interesting, often provoke a feeling of resentment from the author of the original post. Intentional thread hijacking will not be tolerated, and the intent will be left to the discretion of the moderators.

    Posts with the intent of “creating a reaction” are not welcome here (no “trolling”).

    Especially be aware that posts involving sensitive topics like religion, politics or lifestyles could be considered "hot button" topics depending on their content and perceived intent. This is a judgment call the moderators of the forum will make. Please exercise your best judgment before posting.

    When posting a new thread, please post it only once in the appropriate forum. Posting an identical thread in multiple forums is not allowed without permission, and duplicate threads may be deleted. If you are unsure of which forum would be appropriate, post the message and if it is in the wrong forum then it will be moved to the correct forum.

    Posting from other sites, and copyright and privacy issues:

    Please do not copy e-mails, articles, pictures or posts from publications or from other online sites unless you are the owner of the material or have received explicit permission from the owner to do so. This permission should be included in your post. Using another person's work without permission is, at the very least, poor netiquette, and is not permitted on this forum. A summary or short quote is allowed without permission, but you must include the identity of the original source. The best way to direct fellow Barthmobile members to material you have found is to simply include a link, when possible, in your post.

    Please respect others privacy and do not post e-mails or PM's without the express permission of the other party/parties involved. This includes e-mails from non Barthmobile members.

    Sensitive topics and common courtesy:

    No posts of a political nature.

    For many, the question is “what is a sensitive topic” and what “isn’t appropriate for a 14 year old”. Creating such lists would be a Herculean chore. The judgment of the moderators will be relied on to make these calls.

    Above all – the “golden rule” applies. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Personal attacks will not be tolerated, nor will other behavior deemed to be antisocial.

    As a community member, each of you is asked to lighten the load of the moderators. Think before you post. If in doubt, push away the keyboard for 10 minutes and then come back to your posting.

    Barthmobile.com is a free service that is membership supported. The right is reserved to deny or restrict service at any time to anyone.

    Think before you post. Once posted, things generally get left in perpetuity. Please ensure that you are comfortable with how your post reflects on you as a person.

    Please note, that because of the threaded conversation-like nature of discussion boards, the right is reserved to refuse a user's request for a mass delete of their own posts. Thus if at some point in the future you choose to unsubscribe from our boards, be aware that your posts will remain.

    You are asked to post no personal information (real name, e-mail, etc.) concerning another person (whether or not a Barthmobile.com member) without that person’s permission.

    Your account:

    Your user account is just that - your user account. It should remain personal and private. If there is reason to believe that an account is being "shared", the right is reserved to immediately delete that account and may or may not notify the user depending on the circumstances. With very few exceptions, only one account is permitted per individual.

    Data storage and logging in:

    In addition please be aware that computer resources, like on any system, are not unlimited. You are strongly encouraged to back up any information you may receive via PM to your own machine if you wish to keep it for an extended period of time. Normal system maintenance could delete these after 91 days.

    TOS violations; TOS modifications:

    Violation of any of these rules may result in an immediate ban, restricted postings privileges, restricted members priveledges, and the removal of the offending post. Barthmobile.com will usually attempt to notify you of a ban or post edit by means of a personal message – for this reason it is strongly suggested you have PM’s forwarded to your e-mail account and that you maintain a valid e-mail account with us.

    The Barthmobile.com TOS is a living document and is subject to change. It is recommended you look at it frequently, and if you have any questions about the TOS, contact us for clarification.

    Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the TOS takes precedence over any announcement.

    If you are not happy with the service rendered, ultimately your sole recourse is to stop your use of said service.

    Love Barthmobile.com? Become a "Supporting Member" today.
    Supported Browsers

    This community software is designed to work with the following browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 5.5+
    • Netscape 7+
    • Mozilla
    • Safari
    • Opera 7+
    If you are not using one of those browser versions, you may experience severe usability problems. Please upgrade your browser to a newer version for optimal performance.
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    Navigating and Reading

    There are two main methods to navigate through the forum application.

    On the top and bottom of all pages is a "breadcrumb" line. These links show where you are in the community, and give you the option to click up or down the structure of the community. Within each breadcrumb line are icons to open up options within each level of the site. Each icon will open up direct links to tools like search or other forums and categories within the Forum application.

    A second navigation tool is the "Go" button built into the top left side of each page.

    Use the "Go" button to navigate directly to your Personal Zone, Forums or Chat if enabled.

    How to Post Topics and Replies

    To post a new topic, click the "New" tab on the top left of any forum page. You will be asked to choose a new Discussion, Poll , Private Message or Photo Album (if enabled). Click one of these options to begin.

    A discussion is a topic with replies.
    A poll invites people to vote on a question, and then add replies.
    A private message is a discussion where only those invited may see it and participate.
    A photo album is a gallery of uploaded images, with a place to add comments as required.

    To post a reply, look for a "Reply" tab at the top or bottom of any discussion or poll. Click this tab to open a posting window with tools for enhancing your post with bold text, images or attachments.

    Beside each "Reply" tab is a yellow arrow for "Quick Reply." The "Quick Reply" is for fast text-only responses to a discussion.

    How to Post Photo Albums

    First, be sure the site's host has enabled photo albums and given you permission to post them. You can check your permission using the "Go" button -> Personal Zone -> Permissions links.

    To post a photo album, click the "New" tab and then the "Photo Album" link.

    A photo album wizard will take you through the following steps:

    Step 1 - "Basics" - provide basic information about the album, choose whether to allow comments, and select your notification options.

    Step 2 - "Upload" - upload files from your own computer. Note: there may be size and number limits set by the administrator.

    Step 3 - "Organize" - add titles and captions to each uploaded photo. You may also add new photos, delete photos or re-order photos in this step.

    Step 4 - "Preview" - confirm the appearance of the final album before you approve it for viewing by other members.

    Please note: An administrator may require approval of photo albums before they go live.

    If you are the owner of the album, you may edit the album after it has gone live by using the "edit" icon in the bottom right corner of the gallery view.

    Enhancing or Editing a Post

    You can edit a post after it goes live by clicking the small edit icon in the lower right corner of the message. An administrator may restrict the time frame for editing a message.

    You can enhance a post when first creating it or when editing it.

    Choose a "mood" icon for the discussion by clicking the selector beside the "Subject" or "Reply To:" field.

    You may insert a "graemlin" emoticon into your posts by clicking the emoticon icon on the left side of the posting tools.

    The posting page tools include some or all of these options:

    Graemlins - an inline emoticon image
    URL - a web page link
    Bold - bold text
    Italics - italic text
    Quote - indented text List bullet - ordered text
    Email - a clickable email address
    Image - a properly formed link to an web image
    Attachment - where enabled, an uploaded file attachment

    UBB Code

    FunctionUBBCode Tags
    Bold[b] [/b]
    Italics[i] [/i]
    Strikethrough[strike] [/strike]
    Unordered, bulleted[list][/list]
    Ordered,numbered[list=1] [/list]
    Ordered,lettered[list=A] [/list]
    List item[*]
    Quote [quote] [/quote]
    CodeSnippets[code] [/code]
    URLs[url] [/url]
    URL with name[url=http://www.yourURL.com]namehere[/url]
    Email Addresses[email] [/email]
    Images[img] [/img]
    Image Aligned Left[img:left] [/img]
    Image Aligned Right[img:right] [/img]
    Image Aligned Top[img:top] [/img]
    Flash Video[flash_video] [/flash_video]
    Horizontal Rule[hr]
    Subscript[sub] [/sub]
    Red[color:red] [/color]
    Green[color:green] [/color]
    Blue[color:blue] [/color]
    Yellow[color:yellow] [/color]
    White[color:white] [/color]
    Black[color:black] [/color]
    Pink[color:pink] [/color]
    Purple[color:purple] [/color]
    Brown[color:brown] [/color]
    Grey[color:grey] [/color]
    Graemlin/Smilie Codes

    :DBig Grin
    :oRed Face
    :rolleyes:Roll Eyes
    :argh:head bang
    :tinfoil:Tin Foil Hat Club
    :down:Thumbs Down
    :up:Thumbs Up
    :cruise:Tooling Along
    :shield:Shields Up
    Favorites and Notifications


    To add a discussion to your favorites list, click the "Tools" tab button and select "Add to favorites." You can keep a list of up to 30 discussions in your Personal Zone page. Icons there will show whether your favorites have been updated since your last visit.


    Click the "Notify" tab on a community page to request email notifications of new content. Delivery options may include:

    • Daily Email Digest - a summary of all notifications sent once a day.
    • Weekly Email Digest - a summary of all notifications sent once a week.
    • Immediate Notification - email automatically sent when there is an update.

    Modify or Cancel a Notification

    Click on the Personal Zone tab and then click Notifications. Click the "edit" link to change delivery options or cancel the request entirely. You can also edit your preferences directly from the email you receive.

    Suspend my Notifications Temporarily

    You can temporarily suspend your notifications at any time. For example, this might be useful if you were going on vacation. Select the "suspend subscriptions" box at the bottom of the "Notifications" page to put them all on hold. They will stay suspended until you uncheck that box.

    Subscribe to another Member

    Click the person's name within the interface, then select "notify me of new posts by x". You will be notified via email every time that member posts to the community.

    Hiding/Showing Posts

    You can ignore a post by clicking the small "Hide Post" link in the upper right section of the post. If you've ignored a user, their posts will be hidden by default.

    If you want to show a single post from an ignored user, click the small "Show Post" link on the top right of the post.

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    Entering a Chat Room

    To enter a chat room:

    1. From the *main forums page, select Go from the menu bar at the top of the page.
    2. Select Chat from the dropdown menu.
    3. Select the name of the Chat Room you would like to enter.

    *You can access the chat rooms from the eve page as well with the Chat link

    To Join the conversation and start chatting:

    1. Locate the Text box below the ongoing chat.
    2. Type something brilliant and press the Talk button to have it displayed publicly.
    3. You will see your message move into the main conversation box above.
    Posting Enhancements

    To add a Graemlin to your text:

    1. You can click on the Graemlin located in the bottom left of the chat window to display the list.
    2. Click on the Graemlin you want to add to your text, it will add the character equivalent, and when you click Talk, it will be displayed as the image Graemlin in the conversation box.

    To chat privately with another member:

    1. Click on the name of the person with whom you want to chat privately.
    2. In the pop up window that appears, click the Private button.
    3. This will invite them to the private chat and open a separate chat window for your discussion.

    To ignore a member:

    1. To ignore another member (this will not show you any posts by the person being ignored), click on the name of the person you want to ignore.
    2. In the pop up window that appears, click the Ignore button.
    3. You will see a message indicating that the person you specified is now being ignored (the person being ignored receives no notification of this and nobody else can see the message indicating that you are ignoring someone).

    To use an *emote:

    1. To view a list of the emotes available, type /emotes and click Talk.
    2. Once you know the emote you will use, type the emote characters (the '/' followed by a word) and click Talk.

    *Emotes are a kind of shorthand for messages you want to say to the group. An example of an emote is /bye which will be displayed in the discussion box as 'your name waves goodbye to everybody' (where 'your name would be replaced with your username.
    Moderated Chats

    In some situations, an administrator may configure a chat room to be read-only or for its messages to be screened before appearing live.
    If your chat posting requires approval, you will be informed that your post is being moderated.

    Event and Celebrity Chats

    Some chat rooms are designed for hundreds of users to watch a chat, but not participate. In this case you will see the postings of the celebrity and moderators but not your own.
    In many moderated, event or celebrity chats you will not see your own name in the right-hand side roster of participants. This is normal.
    Chat Tools

    The following are all of the chat tools that may be available (permission to use these tools is set by the Community Administrator).

    * Silence - Essentially makes the affected user 'read-only'. If you were silenced, you would be allowed to remain in the chat room, but you would be unable to post.
    * Kick - Prevents a user from returning from the chat room for 24 hours. This does not affect the users ability to enter other chat rooms, or the rest of the community. If you were kicked, the kick cannot be lifted, and you cannot be 'unkicked'. You simply have to wait the 24 hours.
    * Ignore - When you choose to ignore another user, the application will no longer show you any comments made by that person. The person being ignored does not know they are being ignored.
    * View Profile - The profile option allows you to view the public profile for the user selected (if they are not a guest).
    * Private - Allows the user to invite and conduct a chat session privately with another person in the chat room.
    * Clear Chat Content - Clears the chat window
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