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Discussion Topic  Hurricane Irma (in Misc. and Other Stuff) by Rusty
Hopefully, our FL denizens (Deb&Ed and DannyZ, you OK?)have either evacuated or locked down. Here i......
Forums > Misc. and Other Stuff

Discussion Topic  3802 cat non sleeved motor (in Tech Talk) by Mansk
I am going to buy a 1990 executive on gillig frame can anyone tell me about cat .motor...
Forums > Tech Talk

Discussion Topic  Engine loses its cool (in Tech Talk) by Richard_Muise
Whew! Traveling at elevations from 6-9000 feet. The antifreeze hit over 230 at times. I had to pull ......
Forums > Tech Talk

Discussion Topic  ODB on a 93 Cummins 6BTA5.9 Diesel (in Tech Talk) by Scubique
Hello all, Does anyone know if it is possible to get OBD data (on board diagnostics) from an 92-93 ......
Forums > Tech Talk

Discussion Topic  1993 Breakaway (in Barth Sightings) by w&bknocke
Forums > Barth Sightings

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This website is dedicated to the Barth Custom Coach, their owners and those who admire this American made, quality crafted, motor coach.
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