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Barth out of business AGAIN
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Yesterday I received a letter (News Release) from Keith S. Leatherman that said "due to the lack of orders and support for the continuation of the Barth our family has made the decision not to produce the Barth Custom Coach." I had been in touch with Wayne Fox about touring the factory and beginning the process to plan a new coach to be built in 12-18 months, and now out of the blue comes this letter.

Where does a guy go for a Barth quality coach now?
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Well at least they tried. I don't know how hard they tried. I think they were planning on getting a few orders and down payments before having to build the first one. When the economy took a down turn they just knew this wouldn't happen. And, I should say that they were not going to put anything in their new coach that wouldn't be available in many other coachs cheaper. For a great Barth though look at the used ones on this web site.
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I agree with you Dave, the info I recieved looked pretty much like the last ones produced. The only thing I heard of that was truly new or different was the paint. I don't think they were ever really planning on going back into business. Just kind of a "it would be really nice" thing not a "I'm gonna do it by god" commitment. Oh well, the way they were made, there will be many of them left for many years.
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OUOTE: Oh well, the way they were made, there will be many of them left for many years.


yet this site endures...

Thank YOU!!


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it is a Motor Coach!!

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