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We have a 22 foot Barth It is black and charcoal grey. The paint is not good. When we bought the couch my son and I were installing a set of speakers in the rear of the rig. When I pulled out the drawer beside the stove, we found three Clabor Girl cans. When we opened the cans up they were full of silver coins. We have been stopped at campouts and people wanted to buy our motorhome. We were in a traffic jam and there were two guys in a VW bus that had to have our Barth. It never stops. I hope that I don't have to cross the border because I'm sure the customs will think that we are trying to sneak something across. Onetime my wife and I were getting on the ferry. My old pal,Bosco the Jack Russell, was on the dash. I told my wife that we had finally made the big time. We had a motorhome and a dog on the dash. Take care, Dennis
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Dear Dennis,

Sounds like just a great coach... In our travels up here in the north country of Minnesota we see "never" see Barths. This is Winnebago and Travel Trailer country. However, just a few weeks ago we drove through an RV Park in Lanesboro, MN just to check it out and "wow" there were two Barths side by side. One was a 36 foot maxout Regency on Gillig Chassis with 300HP CAT. and the one next door was a 22ft 1992 Regal on a Chevy Chassis. The guy in the big one owned the little one and loaned it to his brother for the weekend. Even though he had the big guy he couldn't stand to get rid of the little one. And I must say it was dripping with charm. The 36 foot had all of the options with basement freezer, liquor bar with icemaker inside, washer dryer, even trash compactor, all leather everywhere. But, the little one was the one there rest of the RV park was wanting to see. And, on top of that, this guy is a retired auto mechanics teacher at a technical school in Northern Minnesota. So he had maxed the 22 footer out with the Banks Exhaust, The Transcommand electronic transmission thing (I don't understand how it works) and of course he had that big air scoop from Banks to plow maximum air to the 454 engine. He claimed (I didn't see it)the he could spin his duels on dry pavement. I took some pictures which are getting processed now. He had a very unique paint job. $7,000.00 worth so you can see his dedication.

I am sure your Barth will provide you with many years of happy traveling. Please allow a couple suggestions for happy and worryfree camping!!

Have your front wheel bearings checked and replaced if you haven't already. This means an appointment exclusively for that reason. Do not assume if you have a brake job that this has been checked. If a wheel bearing fails on a hill. The damage to you and your passengers will be irreparable...

Check your engine temp compulsively. If you can have some one rig up a high temp alarm even better. Barth gauges are hard to read under any circumstance. If you engine overheats because of a leaky hose for even a few minutes and you don't know it. Theres $5,000.00 for a rebuilt.

Check your oil twice as much as you think you should. I check it at the end of every day we are traveling and when we get back. Check it cold.... a 460 or 454 can use a qt every 1000 miles or less and still last for years. Assuming there isn't a leak.

And finally, don't trust any liquid level indicator. The older ones just don't work that well especially after they get a little coating of "whatever". After just a short time you will get a good feel of how long you can be out before you black gets toward the top. And, when you fill the fresh water tank it takes much less time to sit and watch it fill than to wet vac the carpet.

I know this post is way too long. But, if I am not writing this I have to go help my wife clean the kitchen and living room for Thanksgiving. I suppose I can only put it of so long.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving....

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