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How many 1998 models were built?
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I own a 1998 Regency which I currently have for sale on e-bay. This e-bay listing has brought several questions about my coach and boy am I getting an education.

I understand that 1998 was the last year Barth was in business.

My coach is titled as a 1998 Barth, The data tag lists the Barth manufacture date as 11/97 and the Spartan chassis manufacturing date as 4/95. The data tag reads 9711-M0041-36MM-04.

Any info. you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't think many were built, but they undoubtedly used up old parts that were still available. The coach is mechanically a 1994, but it is unknown when the body was built. This is one of the problems with the later years of the Barth's - the year of sale is sometimes several years later than the mechanical age of the coach. The mechanical's are important, and significant improvments sometimes occur between the chassis date and date it is titled. In your case, the transmission is the big advantage either way, so you are ok there. I may have looked at that coach a few years ago at the Harrisburg RV show. I had never seen a Regency without corian countertops. Other Regency's also had diesel generators that were higher end than the garden variety Onan quiet 7.5KW versions. I thought the coach I saw was probably a Monarch, but not a Regency. The last year they made the Regency was (I think) 1996. Don't get me wrong, the Monarch is still a Barth, and the basics are solid quality. It's just that they are not quite as high as the Regency, but the quality is still there.
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From the ad:

"The Cummins engine is originally a 250hp but has been turned up to 300hp. This engine has the ability to be turned up to a 425hp if desired."


I would be interested in any info on this. i.e. What was done to increase from 250 to 300 hp, and what would need to be done to go to 425 hp.


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In order to increase your horse power you need to increase your air flow with a larger turbo, better air flow air filters and air fuel mixture adjustments. (these adjustments should be made by a certified technician.) If your coach is new enough, this can be accomplished through a computerized chip.
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My coach is definetly a Regency. It has the Regency emblem both to the right of the entry door on the outside and an emblem on the dash in front of the passenger seat.

I don't see how it could mechanically be a 1994 as the Spartan chassis was manufactured in 4/95 and the body was manufactured in 11/97 through Barth. The original sale date of this coach was in 1998.

If manufactured in late 1997, it would make this coach a 1998 model.

yes, my coach does have corian counter tops.
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Welcome to the site.

In most cases, anything past a June or July build date is considered the next model year. Based on your data tag you have a 1998 model year. 9711 stands for November of 1997. Do you have a picture of the tag that has that number on it? Please send any additional photos, please don't shrink them, to bill_ny@barthmobilecom

we have been discussing your coach over here if you would like to update that thread. Wow!...a '98 on Ebay

Do you know if this is a Mountain Master MC or a Mountain Master IC Chassis?

It is a 300hp... what model? An 8.3? An M11? An L10? The HP could have been on any of these engines and really doesn't describe your power plant properly.

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This coach is currently owned by Jim and Joan Roller in Napierville, Illinois. It is definitely a Monarch, not a Regency.

It is a virtual twin to my coach, M0037. Same floorplan but cherry cabinets, not oak like mine. Both are oddballs in that they were built in 1997 but on Spartan MM chassis built in 4/95 with 300 hp 8.3 Cummins engines. I am not sure where the reference to 250 hp came from.

Another interesting note: most Monarch floor plans were labelled as 34, 36, 38, or 40 feet but my coach and Jim's coach are identical in length: 37 feet. Even more strange my data tag says 37 ft, his says 36 ft! His tag indicates floorplan 04, mine 01 but they are identical. Apparently things were getting confused with the imminent shutdown of the company.

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