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Thanks in Advance
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I am in the middle of purchasing a nearly 45 year old (1977) 21' Barth. The seller is the grandson of two widely traveled Barth owners, they boast of visiting most of the lower 48 and Alaska. The grandparents aged and passed on, the motorhome has not turned over in 7 years and the interior looks even worse. I have been reading many of the post here from what I have gathered a crawl, then walk, then run (Drive train, then electrical, then plumbing)approach is the correct way to get a project of this magnitude started.

At this point in time, I am waiting for the title from the state to complete the financial end then the sale. Then all of the fun starts. All suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance,
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Hey welcome aboard.
When you get a chance, post a photo of your Barth. And maybe a photo of your data plate too, so we can fit your serial number into the database..
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Good luck with the project. We have a 77 21 foot--purchased in 2002----ours fortunately was kept in the functional form from new---although I have certainly put in a few hours & $ to keep that way. We love it!


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Thanks again. I am still waiting for the seller to produce the title, and it sort makes me feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. As soon as it is actually mine I will post images and be asking to lean on all of the knowledgeable folks of Barthmobile.
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