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...and speaking of cancer
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this is a metoo tale:
......about five years ago we had a dog that needed pills so we had to hold open her jaw while putting s pill down her throat which she hated... so she bit down on the finger holding the pill Smiler
Anyways the nail >left forefinger was crunched and never healed right.A couple of years later my doctor removed the nail and booked a plastic surgeon who did biopsy which came back cancerous.
And earlier this year another outpatient plastic surgeon froze my hand and cut off the finger tip and sent it to the path lab.
{which now seem to have mislaid the tip.} and sent me home.
The freezing wore off around midnight...rather painful!
..Now in the occupation therapy process
learning how to cope (and typing with just a finger not both hands)
and feeling my body getting better every daySmiler


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is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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bummer Thumbs Down

have been concerned that various places, where my body has suffered trauma, might be more susceptible to cancers hmm
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When my wife and I were first married we traveled to her Dad's home for a family get together. All the "younger" folks ~40 to 45 at the time went to the kitchen to refresh their drinks and I, the newby dutifully stayed in the living room. At some point I excused myself to refresh my drink in the kitchen. As I arrived there someone said, "I guess we should go back." My reply was to the effect that, "You don't have enough ailments,surgeries etc. to join the conversation, stay here!"
All those folks have passed and I remarked to Liz recently that we are now the living room conversationalists.
On every board I monitor I hope for new and younger participants to divert my attentions and pray for those who are my peers, I have given up on looking to my elders.
Best wishes to all my elders and peers and welcome to those of a younger generation(s).

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