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Motorhome Magazine article June 2006
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There is an article in June '06 called Looking Back: The Barth. I wonder if anyone has access to this article and could post it for us to read.

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I'd like to see it too!...If anyone is a Motorhome magazine subscriber, don't bother hunting for your old paper copy - just go to the following link and you can cut & paste for the rest of us...Smiler
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Originally posted by Lee:
If anyone is a Motorhome magazine subscriber, don't bother hunting for your old paper copy - just go to the following link and you can cut & paste for the rest of us...Smiler

I am a subscriber, but I have to look for my old paper copy, anyway, to get my subs number so I can register for the site. Frowner

I do have the article, and will scan it and share later today or tomorrow.


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Never tried 'add attachment' before, but hopefully this will work.


Barth, Looking Back - 125 KB ~
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Your PDF upload worked Mike.

Thanks a lot


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Thanks for the article, and I think it will interest some of the folks who poke around here now and again, but it falls far short of giving a proper perspective of what a Barth really is. There's too much to list but as a quick example they mention fiberglass front ends, without even mentioning the European connection, thus the name Euro, and they talk about a Barth chassis, which would be news to me. Good stuff, but woefully shallow on facts and info. If you really want to know about Barths, you are already at the right place, so ask or use the search and you'll get your answers from folks that really know. Of course, another shameless plug for Dave's CD is in order, simply because there is no other source of Barth info that can compare.

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Hey Danny and all, I can't believe I missed that article. I check that vintage article out every month. I must have missed one month. I used to save the MH mags, but hey there is only so much room and I have never had reason to go back through them again "until now".

The Barth chassis they are referring to is the FMC chassis which becaume the MMC chassis which became the Regency chassis which became the RPI R(Regency Products Inc.) chassis. Now all that I just posted is up for revision so if some one can correct or fill in the blanks please do. My info is all heresay...

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