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is my '74 c class really 22ft?
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Make sure you check age of tires. If over 10 years old replace them before making a trip that far. The fact it has been sitting in the same place doesn't help. If age is ok make sure you have 60-65 lb. in them. A blow out can do some real damage.

Make sure front brake calibers are free and not dragging. A common problem when they sit.

Congrats on your new coach. Good luck on your trip.

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Thanks doorman!gonna take it slow also...
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I grabbed your photo from Photobucket. I am not sure what you are trying to show us. Your folder number is 1565. Please remember to put the number in the subject line. Only the number 1565 is in the subject. No information should be added to the letter body. Just attach the photo. At this time I am finding it necessary to send only one photo at a time. I have chatted with other members here and multiple photos do not always make it to the Bucket.

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Originally posted by Shawn Kaminski:
Turns out it is a m19 as I suspected. the seller posted it as 22ft as he measured from bumper to bumper! Mystery solved!
I fly to Vancouver on tue to pick it up, gonna spend the day replacing fluids, checking systems etc as it has been in indoor storage for the last three years. Then I will be driving it 1132Kms (703miles) to its new home in Edmonton Alberta!

1st trip home from Yuma. New Tires, oil and filters, fuel filters, windshield wipers(the rubber dropped off when pulled away from the windshield) that were nearly impossible to find.

99 degrees at Yuma Snow and 28 when we got to Minnesnowta.

1 trip on a flat bed truck when Key Pad quit shifting. The fix keep holding it down for 5 minutes? Found out about propane sniffer. Make sure you turn it on if you want propane anything to work.

I was posting questions all the way to Yuma off the plane. Punched in multiple times during the trip.

Barthmobile and it's members ROCK! Thumbs Up They/We are like having a bunch of Super Heros Superman on your team.

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Thanks Kevin,
I sent 5 photos. Looks like only one made it! I will try again and only do two and see what happens!
Cheers Shawn
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