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Model Difference
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Could someone tell me what is the difference between the Sovereign and Regency. All I can see is that the Sovereign has front entry and the Regency has side entry. Personally, I prefer side entry.
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Hey Bill,

I just asked this question to the guy that has the Sovereign for sale on this site. The Sovereign was a slightly cut rate Regency. Same chassis and engine. However, the bumpers were painted, and woodward was not solid but was composite. Other that that I thing they are almost the same. I was also told that they made on 10 Sovereigns. I was also under the assumption that Regencys came in side and front entrances. I know that Breakaways did..However, does not list a front entrance Regency.
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I have also spoken to the owner of the Sovereign. He mentioned that the cost of his Sovereign when new at $205,000 and the Regency would have been $300,000. This difference seems as though it should account for more than painted bumbers and downgraded cabinetry. I would be interested in comparing similar sales specification sheets if they were available.
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