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fender flares

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02-11-2022, 02:00 PM
Mike/Cindi W
fender flares
for lack of a better word...

What adhesive do folks to secure your rubber wheel well 'flares'.. Mine are starting to age/minor separation/etc.. ( the adhesive that is... ) so need to re-glue/etc..

Wheel well fender flare

ancient pic...don't know how long the image will be available online as hosting site is free PostImage ..


1991 early XL-style (maybe 1 of 2?) Breakaway... but prior to that actual (XL) designation...
2nd Breakaway w/Cat 3208T 250 hp motor 4 spd MT643 Allison trans Gilig Air suspension chassis/brakes
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02-11-2022, 08:01 PM
3M 5200 is an old standby "set it and you best not regret it" adhesive. There are newer somewhat more forgiving versions as well as make 5200 let go products. Find a knowledgeable source and use their guidance. They may offer online dialog.

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