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Best GPS 2021 ??
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When we all get past this present crisis

we will enjoy going ....there

...maybe using one of these??
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I have a 8 or 10 year old Magellan GPS that takes care of my needs and is fairly easy to use, gonna hold on to it. Paid $100 or so and it is automatically and free updated.

My Mercedes GPS on the other hand much newer and is awful to use, but it is built into the car computer system so I try to use it when needed. I will have to pay like $300 to keep it updated.

I remember the first one I tried to use in a Hertz rental car in the 80's was so awful I stopped and got a map at a seven/eleven. Maybe it was just I was and still am not very literate about these new fangled things.

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My Garmin is 2005ish and I think preferable to my wife's decade newer version. It thinks it is smart enough to help with the occasional stupid suggestion. Both have free updates. I find my older one, always connected, is losing some brilliance, only the visual type, the ignorance type seems consistent.

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I have had multiple different Garmins over the years. One of my perks has been discount. I got the Garmin RV890 last fall. I was amazed how it was able to tell me about accidents ahead during the blizzard I came home in. The turn info was well presented. Telling turn info ahead of time but not so far ahead you ignore. Warns speed changes without being obnoxious. I like it! Have not used it in Midnight yet but the ability to put in the specific vehicle info should keep us out of trouble.

Screen is big enough for aging eyes to see what’s going on.

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I have an older TomTom GPS with free updates/ maps of Canada, USA, Mexico
which has taken us from Nova Scotia to Salamanca Mexico twice
and many "shortcuts" through the USA...
only died once and that was when we brought our
MCC by Barth from`MCR home
and the reason for that was that the
USB connection was not working and drained the battery real good
so that had to finish the trip using paper info {no phoneFrowner }...
Posts: 3010 | Location: Nova Scotia | Member Since: 12-08-2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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