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Happy Thanksgiving.
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Tere and I send our wishes that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. In the midst of tragedy such as Craig and his family are going through, there is always much beauty in our world and it is folks like those on Barthmobile that demonstrate that. That beauty is demonstrated in love for each other.

Jim and Tere

Jim and TereJim and Tere

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Thank you all for being good friends. Hope all can enjoy a peaceful day with friends and family. I will sit on the porch enjoy this gorgeous blue sky and sunshine today (less calories Big Grin).
As of death think of a sailboat, it is sailing away from you, it dissapears at the horizon. Is it gone? No, somewhere one sees it approaching and is expecting it.
Not so good with words, but I hope you get the picture.
I am thankful for hope.

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A Happy Thanksgiving to all Barthmobile members and their families, we have so much to be thankful for.

I am so thankful to the Lord that I have Barb after almost a year of battling stage three cancer. Latest test, she is now cancer free.

Give thanks and pray for all the victims families that have lost loved ones and everything in the recent disasters.

Marvin, you said it in a nice way and "HE" is waiting with open arms on the other shore.

Jim & Barb
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I am thankful for what I have and the friends who enrich my life. Life is very good.

I hope everyone can enjoy the day and reflect on their many blessings and continued good health. Cheers cheers

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I have so much to be thankful for, the struggle with cancer was a bit trying but so blessed to have caught it early and able to get the finest treatment and surgery at Stanford.

Sorry to hear Craig, he is in good hands now, God takes the best!


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