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Correct value insurance
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Originally posted by Kevin:
There are members that have paid less than "book Value" and there are members that have paid more. I would also suspect that most members have a purchase price plus improvements that would be more than "book value" invested in there cherished Barth or some other brand.
I was told by my agent to keep track of improvements, by documentation. A great reason to share your improvements here for proof of value, and the benefit of our community.

Speaking of documentation

Kevin I know you had posted a detailed fix of your levelers. I looked for it a while back and couldn't find it. Do you remember what you called the Thread? I don't want to thread drift..........

Dana & Lynn
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Originally posted by Mogan David:
Purchasing “insurance” for coverage in excess of ACTUAL CASH VALUE is not an insurance expense. It is a gambling wager in hopes of financial gain.

Well you can have a 40 year old Rolex that has been worn 24 hours a day for those 40 years and one that has been in a box for 40 years.
Are they both worth the same?
As far as the insurance company's are concerned probably so.
But as far as i'm concerned I don't think so.

I'm not looking to scam anyone I just want what is just.

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Our Barth is insured thru aarp. We set the value and pay the premium accordingly. I have my breakaway insured for 18,000. If I total it, they pay me 18,000. I will really hit the jackpot! I have over 30,000 in it.
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Value, Let us see IF we have this right. There is Correct, Fair, Just, Replacement, Blue book, NADA, Agreed On, and the list goes on. I hate paying for something I hope never happens and coming out to find out what I have been paying was not what I thought I was paying for anyway.
Thank you Steve for bring this to our attention.
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Read the fine print on an agreed value policy. Some of the big companies will sell you a policy that is agreed value but in the fine print it states they will pay the lesser of the two (their adjusters valuation or the agreed value). I raninto this when trying to get my TVR stacked with my other vehicles. I stuck with haggerty knowing my baby will be worth what is agreed for that year.
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