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Suspensions, either temporary or permanent, are a fact of life with social media.
That brings up the first question:
Is Barthmobile social media and therefore under the same guidelines as other social media platforms such as Twitter,etc? Or is it a different category?

The second question has to do with the reasons for suspension, which are spelled out in Barthmobile's TOS.
Clearly, the TOS are there to keep discussions civil, to avoid such things as pornography, use of cursing, members threatening each other etc. But, like all rules, there are gray areas. That is when the moderators of the site have to make subjective decisions. That is challenging because all of us have personal bias. That puts extreme importance on choosing moderators.

Finally, if a person is suspended, either permanently or temporarily, should they be advised of the reasons? If they are not, how can they be expected to change their behavior? If they are privately told of the reasons, should not they be held to a standard of keeping that information private? That would seem reasonable.

I have been on Barthmobile since 2005. I have seen posts that were not wisely submitted, but none that would have caused me to do anything other than offer advice. And I have done that in private.

We are in a time when people are banned from web sites just because others don't like them. The first amendment is very clear and it allows things that many of us don't like. But that is the very essence of free speech.


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Nothing is done in a vacuum. You can rest assured that things are spelled out. Like you said
If they are privately told of the reasons, should not they be held to a standard of keeping that information private?
This is what we would do to anyone that might be subject to a TOS violation. I'm sure that if you reread the post in question you'll understand what I mean as you said it yourself.

You'll have to understand that I, nor any of the other moderators that make these types of decisions, are going to directly comment on a specific person or incident. Anything past what is outlined above, or on the TOS, or the other post in question would violate whatever it is, or for whomever it is, you're asking.

I just won't go into specifics as it would violate our standards. I hope this will finally put that to rest.

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I have been observing this site for quite a long time, I have gained a great deal of worthy information from the wisdom of those contributing their tidbits of knowledge and experience. In addition there have been items of individual personal experience that have made this a bit more of a sort of family experience than the obtuse "social media" controlled by wealthy biased individuals. There must be some rules of social behavior in order to continue collective intercourse among a diverse amount of like minded individual human beings. I have no idea what has given birth to this particular forum unit. There has been some inane utterances presented on the "barthmobile" site but.!!! not everybody is as perfect or intelligent as the rest of the members that tune in. Being a grouchy old man I
will willingly laud "Bill N.Y. and the monitors for there unselfish attempts to help this site to continue as an extremely worthwhile contribution to the enjoyment of vintage RVs of quality and RVing in general as wll as a nudge toward peaceful comaradery.

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