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So blessed
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Hello everyone, I can now share a few things that has been going on in my life for the last year. In May last year I was scanned and they found kidney 3 boulders, 1 was 10mm and 2 were k 8mm. Yes they were boulders for sure. It would require surgery as they do not ultrasonically bust up large kidney stones, the 10mm stone they Jack hammered into 3 pieces.

When they were looking around, they saw something that didn't look right in my bladder. Further scans and a pathology test confirmed I have bladder cancer! As a result I resigned from doing the speed measurement at the various 1 mile shootouts I had been doing for the last 15 years (that's why I have 291,000 miles on my Breakaway)

Finishing the last race in late October 2017, I had to turn my attention to ME! I have never learned how to say NO but this time I had no choice! Kidney stone removal surgery, further bladder examination, more path tests and more, i Was no longer in control of my destiny, I had to beat this thing within me!

I contacted dear friend who is an Oncologist, she and her husband were able to get names at 2 places in my area that specialize in bladder cancer. I was lucky to get into Stanford for further exams and treatment.

6 weeks of BCG to raise my immune system responses, further testing and then bladder surgery. The cancer was located in a diverticulum of the bladder. Initial results showed there was no cancer in other parts of the bladder. Parts and pieces of the surgery were sent out and path reports confirmed surgery margins were negative and the lymph nodes around the bladder were negative. Good news but further confirmation needed.

After surgery and a programed delay I started another round of 6 weeks of BCG treatment. Couple of weeks delay with an infection I finished that series of BCG treatments in late July. More waiting for the last cytoscopy. Finally today I had the scope of my bladder and absolutely no sign of cancer in my bladder. The Doctor commented on how fast I had healed and how well the healing of the surgery went. He was very pleased with the results! Of course so was I! Certainly by the grace of God I am cancer free!

I now will start another series of 3 BCG treatments tomorrow for 3 weeks. That will end August 31 and I will have no further treatment or test for 3 months. My immune system has reacted well my body has responded correctly and for now I can truly say I am bladder cancer free! This has been quite a journey!

September 1 I will be on the road again! Will see some of you and looking forward to Mary Ray's GTG at Tom Sawyer RV Park, I will be there!

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Captain Doom
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Great news!


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I can't think of anything better to celebrate, even Mary Ray's birthday can't beat that! cheers

Looking forward to seeing you again, as always.

Take care and be well Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by MWrench: hmm BCG
I am not sure what BCG is. It really does not matter. hmm What matters is you have a clean health slate. Thumbs Up cheers Thank God for good health. Thumbs Up Thank you Ed for sharing your good health story. May good health be granted to all of us.
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Hot Dang Great News for everyone that knows you or will in the future. Figured you were feeling better by seeing the increase in your post Activity! Thumbs Up Tooling Along

Dana & Lynn
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Fantastic news Ed, always great to see a fighter like you win!!! Hope to meet you at Mary Ray's birthday celebration if I can make it..

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thanks for sharing something to celebrate
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One more for our team! Smiler

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ED: All Betty & I can say is the Lord is wonderful & all things are possible if you believe in him....Carl

Former owner of "THE TOY"
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Glad to hear that Ed.

Bill & Sherrie
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I had Bladder cancer many years ago and had BCG treatments and it was very successful (but very scary)
We will keep you in our prayers,

Richard & Robin
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Your good news is wonderful and certainly is more important than a Birthday GTG. Looking forward to seeing you in September.

Smiler Tooling Along


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Glad to hear you've got a good report and hope that all stays well! Have not (yet?)had such conditions, so I'm sure I do not fully appreciate the scare it would induce! God Bless!

Best Regards

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Great news, Ed! Next time don't keep it so close to your vest. As you can see from all the posts, there is a wonderful support system out here (and up There).

God He already has!

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Originally posted by Kevin:
I am not sure what BCG is.

Google turned up this.. Bacillus Calmette-Guerin

And, Ed..glad to hear your on the road again.. .. ( skip ad )


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