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Google searchs
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Google has changed the way one has to search
for items like Barth motorhomes on sites like craigslist
from a multi-pronged state search
to an individual city type of a search if you don't know where the items are
then one has to search city by city Frowner much for life in 2016 Frowner


The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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Try this: In Google put the search term like Barth radiator and append craigslist, then hit search. It returns all barth radiators on all craigslists. At least it did just now on my Ipad. So it looks like "Barth radiator craigslist".

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You can use this too

search everywhere
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For, I've found that choosing sort by "Date" rather than the default "Relevance" gives better results and fewer "This posting has been deleted by its author" messages.

You can also use logical operators to help get rid of stuff from Barth, FL and the Barth used car lot in Cumberland, MD.

After experimenting a bit, I've found that this is a good search:

barth (rv | motorhome)

the "|" means "or"


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