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What was the approximate value for a 19’ Barth Cutaway in 1974? I need it for insurance purposes only. thank you.
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Until someone who knows what they are talking about chimes in my guess is that even with these there were enough options to make a range. Looking at the later brochures no price is given only the comeswith and the youcanhaves. You might find any brand price for a similar unit and try to establish that as a below market minimum.
Good luck

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Purchase price has always been a problem. The factory brochures did not have prices I have seen. Used Barths listed here have asking prices but we almost never find out the actual sale price. A few buyers (me and a couple others) have shared that information but it is rare. Most used Barths do not have original sale invoices included in their paperwork.

Sadly, it is very difficult to determine reasonable asking/selling prices as a rule. Our dinosaur coaches have several disadvantages for the seller trying to get a good price. Barths have always been rare, so NADA and others have little data. Since banks are rarely willing to offer loans on older RVs, many sales end up as cash or trade deals. Many owners have invested a great deal in their coaches, never to recover much at all.

Considering the above average quality of Barths, resale has never been very rewarding for their loyal owners.

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