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1995 Barth Mobile Office
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Hello All
I'm close to buying a 1995 Barth Mobile Office. It has 20,000 miles and the interior is immaculate condition, working generator, air shocks, 454 gas. He wants $12500 for it. I want to turn it a motorhome/office with a wet bath.
Any advise? Thanks
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Hudson, just my opinion, I bet you will have 25K into the unit before it is over. I do not know how long this coach is and what is already in place but, you could have a petty nice 30 ft Deasil Barth complete and ready for that amount.

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Here's a point of reference: https://longisland.craigslist....ruck/7260784667.html

$6500, 34 feet, roughly 40K miles. I would assume every hose and tube needs replacement.

Time and money can provide any option you want. The key is to be both effective and efficient. On the one you found, are the windows sized and placed as you would want? What sort of floorplan? Can you find interior parts at "nice" prices? Finding a late model Brand X motorhome being parted out can help. If you are building something and going in to 5 figures, you don't want it to look like a hodgepodge of mismatched interior parts.

It's likely that you will end up with a machine you can enjoy for many years to come. But you will be dedicating many weekends to preparing it as you want, or hiring someone. You will learn all about white, grey, and black water tanks. You will learn all about house and truck electrical systems. You will learn all about 12VDC and 120VAC circuits. A big part of your first evaluation of the Barth is how it responded to the decades of not being used.

Good luck!

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Look out below! Steel frame and aluminum body are fine so long as ne'er the twain shall meet. Unfortunately years and miles have taken a toll on many. Being a purposed unit it may have lived a charmed life. Like I say, "It's amazing what you find when you go look."
Best wishes and keep us informed.

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