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Road side assistance
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Can anyone recommend a roadside assistance program? We have used good Sam but they left us on the roadside TWICE.


R.P.Muise 1994 Breakaway/Cummins 5.9/Allison transmission/Spartan Chassis
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Mine is tied into my insurance company, can call any State Farm agency and get help or my own and they will send help. For me it works better than Triple A did.

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Agree with Duane, cars, house, camper, never a question and no question about the small boat. Mercedes died 50 miles from home with my wife and mom aboard the tow driver's wife followed in a separate car, took Mom and Liz home and I rode with the driver to shop, then home to rendezvous. Not bad for Sunday especially since Mom was a participant.

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I use State Farm also. Most insurance companies have this. Read you policy. However, you may have to do the legwork and prepay.

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Hi all,

We’ve used Coach-Net based on comments posted previously on Barthmobile.

We needed it once in the 9 years we’ve owned Tonka.

One of the battery cables broke on the way home from the last Milford GTG. Coach-Net responded quickly. We were given the choice between a repair or a tow to the nearest service center.

We opted for the repair. I think the entire event took under three hours to resolve from initial call to repair. I don’t recall what the actual repair cost but it seemed fair given the circumstance.

If we’d had a toad I probably would have looked for a NAPA or truck service center as we were near a city and it was a simple fix.

We were very satisfied with the company and the service tech, and plan to stay with them as long as we have Tonka and their service and people are this good.

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Not to be Deadhorse I have had Coach-Net and had to use it twice. It gives me piece of mind. They towed the coach and towed the truck. Both times a life saver. Last time 20 below and blew a tire and then the spare

They were great both times. 20 below I got them to haul me 30 extra miles to an open Walmart to get tires. I had me dog, guns, dead pheasants that were not going to do well overnight waiting for someone to open.

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